Havaray will fly this area

Havaray will fly this region: Preparations of the Havaray lines, which are planned to relieve the traffic of Istanbul and integrate the rail systems, are being carried out rapidly.

In the last days of 2014, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality announced its new projects to ease Istanbul traffic. The most striking of these were the new Havaray lines. Completing the preliminary preparations for two havaray lines on both sides of Istanbul, the municipality announced that work has started for 8 new lines.


The lines whose preliminary works were completed were D-100-Sahil line in Tuzla and Küçükçekmece-Başakşehir line. After the zoning plans were completed, the final phase was reached in the preparations of these two lines, where the project tender was made. Küçükçekmece-Başakşehir line stood out with both the number of population it addresses and the excess number of housing projects that will be affected on the route.

The project is about to be completed and the tender is expected to be completed in the coming months.


There will be a total of 11,6 stations on the 16 km Havaray line. The start of the line will be from the Sefaköy stop of the existing metrobus line. The Bakırköy Beylikdüzü Metro, the construction of which will start in the near future, will be linked to this line. Havaray line that will cross Sefaköy all along Halkalı Continue along the street Halkalı It reaches the square. The line, which will pass through permanent settlements, will pass through Fatih Caddesi (Sakarya Street) Köprülü Crossroad and reach Atakent 1st Stage 1st Region. From Hürriyet Caddesi Köprülü Intersection again Halkalı The Havaray line, which goes to the street and continues to the north, will pass in front of the Arenapark Shopping Mall and IETT İkitelli Bus Park areas. Basak City 1 will cross the Tem highway. It will end in front of Etap junction and Başak Residences Metro Station.

AIR will fly

Investors in the region are eagerly awaiting the basin line, which is planned to make the Basaksehir and the new Bahçeşehir Metros, as well as other metro lines alongside the Metrobüs line. Because the region's most important problem is known to be transportation. Nevertheless, it is stated that the prices in the region, which makes a very good premium in housing projects, can be made to fly together with the air.

The construction of the Havaray line, which can be completed within 2015 in May Halkalı Massive housing, Sefaköy and Başakşehir intense populated 3 settlement will take a comfortable breath.

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