Sirkeci Train Station (Video)

Air New Project Sirkeci Station with Video Waiting: The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), between IMM and the decision to use as a museum was prepared and shared services protocol Sirkeci Station view from the air.

In the project, which covers an area of ​​8,5 kilometers from Sirkeci Station to Yedikule, the historical buildings in Sirkeci Station will be redesigned as the Istanbul City museum and the Istanbul Railway museum. Nature and art park will be built on the 8,5 km line.

It was decided to build a nature and art park as well as to establish City and Railway museums with the joint service protocol prepared for the Evaluation of the Old Suburban Line between the Buildings Located in Sirkeci Station and Sirkeci-Yedikule. After the authorization given to Kadir Topbaş to sign the accepted protocol in response to the rejection, the work started to finalize the protocol.


We viewed the historical Sirkeci station from the air after the decisions made. Sirkeci Station, which seems to be far from the old crowd days, is waiting for the project drawings prepared for it to be finished. As the suburban flights stop, the silent waiting of the trains continues at Sirkeci Station, which has empty platforms. Sirkeci Station, which is one of the symbols of Istanbul with its historical buildings, will have a new look after TCDD's approval of the plans prepared by IMM in the coming days.



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