Green line and noise curtain application in rail systems

The effect of the green line on the noise and the application of noise curtains in rail systems: Public transportation systems fulfill an important task in meeting the urban transportation demands and passenger expectations caused by population growth and urbanization. Considering both the service quality and the capacity and environmental factors offered, it is preferred to use light rail system in our population-intensive cities as the type of public transportation.

When we look at light rail applications, it is very important to reduce the environmental factors such as noise, because of the fact that a large part of the line is at the road level, in the open area and in the settlements in the city. Noise comes at the top of the environmental factors that disturb the residents of the city. In light rail applications, it is emphasized to reduce the noise caused by rail system vehicles and wheel rail. If it cannot be destroyed in the noise source, it is preferred as a valid method to prevent its spread. Sound curtains, sound walls, noise absorbing elements, natural textures are the applications that prevent the spread of noise.

In this article, firstly, kayseri rail transportation system will be introduced, then noise definition, types of noise, the causes, levels and noise curtains of the noise along with the physiological and psychological effects of the noise. In this context, information will be given about the construction method and noise level effect of the sound wall applied in Kayseri City Light Rail Transport System. At the same time, the positive effects of green line on environment and noise level will be emphasized. Our aim; sharing the knowledge we have gained is to contribute to the spread of more environmentalist systems in our country.

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Günceleme: 01/12/2018 17:45

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