Instruction for ski resort from Governor Kara

Governor instructed to land the ski center: Kars-Sarıkamış held last month in Turkey Special Athletes Skiing Championship winning athletes rewarded Governor Ahmet Kara, said they wanted to bring in Corum ski resort.

Speaking at the award ceremony, the Governor Ahmet Kara, while not a ski resort in Çorum 4 remarkable performance of the athlete to draw attention to the fact that it can not be ignored, merkezi So there is that potential in Çorum. I've worked in Kars before. I know that area and its people. Sarıkamış, ski resort. It's not easy to return there with a medal. If it is returned with a medal, it means a great success. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the athletes and the trainers and trainers who trained them.

There is no ski resort in Corum, but the athletes are doing a degree. So it's not enough to have a ski resort. Must work. Hard working, achieves success, Çok he said.

Governor Ahmet Kara, who also gave instructions to the Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports to do research to find a suitable place for Çorum to provide a ski resort, said: yer Our Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Haşim You should do a research. If there is a place to build a ski area in the center or in the districts, let us do our part immediately ı.