European travel with a train ticket

With a train ticket, I traveled to Europe with a train ticket and 2 in my pocket. If you want to sleep on the streets, if you want to afford money, you can see the world's favorite cities like Rome and Paris and climb to Trolltunga in Norway, where no one would dare to leave.

I'm a student trying to break the chains of routine life. Half years 2 81 37 provinces in Turkey and I visited country in the world. First I decided to do InterRail to go to Europe. To do this, you need to get a passport, a Schengen visa and a train ticket.
Using the ticket like Akbil, it is possible to travel all over Europe very cheaply. This means that you can travel with a budget ranging from 2000 TL to all inclusive 5.000 TL. But InterRail is definitely not a tour. You set everything yourself.
I had my dreams
Step by step is the way, the address of the person you ask for the train to be guests in the house, breathe the same air. All of these possibilities, like most people, have connected me to the roads. On my journeys alone, I traveled to the world of dreams in Midnight in Paris, where I had the pleasure of getting lost in the streets of Rome's mothballs.
I have interesting events on my journeys. For example, I attended a festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. A big crowd danced in the square. I had fun with people whose language they never knew. But there was something strange; On the one hand, people had fun while on the other hand historical photos were on the other side. ”What are you celebrating here?“ I asked a person. Ul We celebrate the expulsion of the Turks from the city, “he said. I thanked her and laughed at me from the area.
My friend backpack
InterRail means to me to lie down on the streets, to stay free, to be afraid of crossing the river, but to enjoy it, to climb the Trolltunga rock in Norway, which no one can do, to swing your feet from there to peace. Since I was one of the boys whom neighborhood aunts called arkadaş hanging with this takılma, my best friend was a lifelong backpack.
Now that we have established together with friends InterRail, InterRail Turkey with 50 thousand members we tell the travel agent's personal development benefits to the Facebook group. We encourage those who want to go on this journey at the universities we are a guest.

InterRail on 4 Question

There are many questions about InterRail that people of all ages can do. I have compiled the answers to those who are most curious about you.
1- What do you need for InterRail?
First pass a passport and get your visa. Then you can go with your ticket. Applications such as Railplanner, tripadvisor, citymaps go will help you determine your route.
2- Where will I stay?
If you want to stay in the countries you go to, you can find hotels with booking nightlife on sites like You can stay in the hostel by listening to the stories of the travelers you will know on the way, taking advantage of their experiences and bringing your journey to cheaper. Do not make clear plans for places you go, leave flexibility. Couchsurfing introduces you to local people, don't be afraid and use it.
3- How much does it cost?
InterRail does not have a net budget. It depends on the number of days you want to make and your personal expenses. 1500 to 10 for days You can do InterRail for 4000 TL, 1 TL for XNUMX months.
4- What should I buy for my backpack?
Do not overfill your backpack with more than 10 kilograms. Do not take a few pieces of clothes and medicine, personal care products, towels, such as the need to take with you beyond the necessity. Choose your shoes and bag well. Make room for the souvenirs you collect from places you go.

2 thousand euro with 19 country

No matter what happened since childhood, traveling abroad and visiting other countries was my greatest goal in life. I started searching for the most suitable overseas travel opportunities for a student and found InterRail. 2-3 a month after the research was only to collect money. I worked in a café in 4 months in Izmir and with the support of my family I collected the money for tickets, accommodation and eating.
Your trip does not have time to train you have to start from Turkey to Europe from other countries. I made a route from north to south while I was preparing my route. My trip started in Latvia.
I traveled from here to Serbia by train. I have traveled around the 19 country including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Austria and Hungary.
During my travel I stayed mostly in the hostel and a few times in the friends I met on the internet, sometimes I slept on the train and at the station. I spent around 2 a thousand euros in flight tickets, train tickets, accommodation and allowance. Traveling, meeting new people and sharing experiences add a lot to you. In a word, it was the best experience of my life. 25 has a discount of 35 of age and percentage below, InterRail a trip that must be exited without 26.



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