EurasiaRail Fair 2016 In The Way ITE Group PLC. Will Continue With

EurasiaRail Fair 2016 In The Way ITE Group PLC. Yan EurasiaRail 3, which is the world's largest 5 railway fair in the field. . International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics arı Fair, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications at Istanbul Expo Center. Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, deputy director of TCDD. Mehmet Hamdi Lightning (UIC), the International Union of Railways Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux EU Turkey Delegation Counselor François Begeot Turkel and was Chairman of the Board attends emergency Korhan Yazgan.

EurasiaRailFuari, which has been organized since 2011, is officially supported by TCDD. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ, KOSGEB and TOBB in cooperation with the 18.000 m² area was established. Fair, xnumx's 25 from a foreign country other than Turkey, with a total 142 company in Germany, Russia, France, Iran, Italy, the Czech Republic accession countries have provided.

To visit the fair; Serbian Rep. Minister of Transport, Mr. NedjoTrininic, General Director of German State Railways Europe & Africa Mr. Benoit Schmitt, Bulgaria Ministry of Transport Infrastructure General Manager Mr. VeselinVasilev, Chairman of the Board of the Czech State Railways. Mr. Ludvik Urban, General Director of Georgia State Railways Mr. MamukaBakhtadze, General Director of Bosnia and Herzegovina State Railways Nijaz Puzic, General Director of Kosovo State Railways Regulatory Unit Mr.Enis Berisha, Jordan Hejaz Railways General Manager Asst. Mr. Abdullah Malkawi, General Director of Iran State Railways Investment and International Relations. Mr. Abbas Nazari and General Directorate of Romanian State Railways Mr. Foreign high-level officials such as IoanTarnita were also present at the fair. Groups of scholars from 27 different countries in total visited the exhibition.

In order to further develop the fair and increase the service quality to higher levels, EurasiaRail 2015 fair is Türkel Fuarcılık and ITE Group PLC, which is one of the top 10 fair organizers in the world. and its organization in Turkey was held at EUFOR Inc. co-organizer. ITE Group PLC. with 17 offices in 31 countries in total over 230 in a year; In the Transport and Logistics sector, it organizes 4 events on 17 continents. EurasiaRail 2016 and subsequent EurasiaRail fairs ITE GroupPlc. Organized by TF Fuarcılık ve Organizasyon A.Ş, it will continue to be organized with stronger new perspectives with the same sales team that has continued since 2011.

EurasiaRailFuarion year of the 03-05 March 2016 dates will be organized in Istanbul Expo Center 6.kez.

To all details the www.eurasiarail.e You can reach from.



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