Rigid Reaction to Benefit from Erzurum Ski Club

Erzurum Ski Club Benefits Tough Response from Erzurum Ski Club board, Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits showed a strong response.

Making a written statement on behalf of the Erzurum Ski Club Board of Directors, Chairman Bülent Ülker said, “Dear Yarar, when talking about Erzurum Ski Club, he mentions Erzurumspor. Dear Benefit, you will first learn the name of our club. You will exercise to learn if necessary. Erzurumspor is an outstanding football team of our city, it is not a ski team or a club! You will learn this first, then you will criticize us! Mr. unfamiliar with the name of our club benefits, what a coincidence that you know by heart the name of acute clubs, although some athletes to give a scholarship abroad, they do not deserve, just running in every size website photographs of acute athletes like no other club in Turkey! Dear Benefit, there was the Erzurum Ski Club before you, it will always exist if God wills! Please note that today there is skiing in Turkey is formed by this Erzurum Ski Club has matured. Erzurum's most recent Winter Olympics athletes who represented Turkey at the Ski Club will also know that the athletes will speak for him! instructors and trainers in Turkey will you know that almost half of reach from Erzurum Ski Club! Mr. Benefits, Turkey's oldest and most successful clubs in Erzurum Ski Club is the debt know the name of your neck. Know it this way! ” said.

President Ülker, in his statement later said:

“U16 men's and K1-K2 women's races were held in Palandöken and Konaklı in Erzurum on Saturday and Sunday. Also Konakli Ski Center u18 - U20 - U21 and older men were held in Turkey Championship. While the Federation President and management watched the athletes competing on the track of a Hotel in Palandöken, only 1 manager from the federation watched the races in Konaklı on the first Day. Unfortunately, no servant of God came to Konaklı on the second day! The athletes who were so distant from excitement and deprived of interest and relevance collapsed morale and competed with this psychology of abandonment. Even more painfully, there was not a single authority to give medals to the athletes who will receive medals after the race, ski instructors and sportsmen families have to give medals to the athletes. It also Provincial Agent (federation representatives) also to respond to objections from the technical committee was the only person not even good grace Konakli ... Mr. unable to manage a major organization such as Turkey Championship even yet two-day process Erol Benefits and management-that they pontificate by making statements to the press bahsetmiyorum- the whole season . While such an incompetent and inept management mentality was dismissed, Mr. Yarar, with his statements referring to the Erzurum Ski Club and myself, revealed how weak he was, and clearly fell into a funny situation.


With those who run the federation, are their coaches very different? I wonder if Mr. Erol Yarar knows about how the person named Erkan, who is a national team trainer, insults our children by saying “nothing happens from you, you can only make tea like your father”? Does Mr. Yarar know that the athlete who attended the national team camp was injured and his club was not informed? Do you know what is happening in the national team cams, and what is going on, Dear Benefit? I do not know, you will not say I do not know, you will be aware of all of them, you will know… You will not boast, you will give morale to national athletes, you will call, you will ask! You will be informed that there are not only AKUT club but also many clubs in this country! Mr. President, you will listen to complaints, reply to the articles written to the federation, you have to! You have to explain to him that you are going to talk about it, and to the delegate you have received and voted for with your 48 billion euro project, the outcome of this project. My suggestion to you is to be open to criticism and if you can find that virtue in yourself, self-criticize! Come face to face with your mistakes.

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