Eryamans continue their actions against the HHT heavy maintenance facility

Eryamanlılar YHT continues to act against the heavy maintenance facility: Eryamanlılar, YHT complex established in the name of the heavy maintenance facility to stop the execution of the construction despite the protest against the continuation of the construction, the project warned to stop.

Eryaman people react to the construction of a heavy maintenance, repair and repair facility under the name of High Speed ​​Railway Station Complex in Eryaman. The people of the region, who came together with the call of Eryaman Solidarity Youth and Sports Club Association (Eryaman-Der), protested against the continuation of the construction works despite the decision to stop the execution of the project. The Chamber of Environmental Engineers and Ankara Bar Association supported the action.

'Do not pollute the air, stop the project'

In the name of Eryaman-Der, Reşide Kekeç started his speech by giving information about the legal process. Kekec reminded that the execution of the EIA exemption decision of the project was halted as a result of the lawsuit they filed, and pointed out that the heavy care centers of this kind are made out of the city in all major cities of the world.

Kekeç said that they will closely follow the EIA process as Eryaman people and said: “You cannot pollute our air, water and soil. You have to take all legal measures. Ankara people won by court decision. The administration should immediately stop the construction of the project and the construction should not be continued without receiving the EIA positive report, in which the prevention and mitigation mitigation measures will be taken during the construction and communication process of the project. İdare

The press release ended with the slogans atıl Gar lying, this is a plunder Basın.

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