Erciyes 100 Bin Preparing for Russian Tour

Erciyes is Preparing for 100 Thousand Russian Tourists: Kayseri is getting ready to meet 100 Thousand Russian tourists with Erciyes Ski Center. Russian tourists will come to Erciyes with KEİB. Details in our news ...

The National Council of the Russian Black Sea Economic Cooperation Representative in Turkey, Erdogan Gündüzpolat, keibler said that 12.5 billion euros investment grants given by the Crimea to Russia. Gündüzpolat said, “The Anatolian investor will be given priority and Kayseri should take what it deserves by taking steps for serious investments here.” Black Sea Economic Cooperation Russian National Council Representative of Turkey Erdogan Gündüzpolat, Hiçyılmaz the KTO President and consultation with Erciyes Overcoming Chairman Murat Cahit Cıngı, Moscow CTO opening of the Delegation and the Black Sea was a consensus in making Erciyes's first Winter Olympics. Erdogan Gündüzpolat, who came to Kayseri before the visit of Kayseri and Nevşehir businessmen and NGO representatives, who will go to the region to negotiate for six-day cooperation and opportunities between Moscow and Crimea between March 22-27, held a series of meetings.

First visiting President Mahmoud Hiçyılmaz the CTO Keibler Russia Council Representative of Turkey Erdogan Gündüzpolat and Anatolia Region of the Council of Representatives of Ilter Sağırsoy and board members, met for the further development of cooperation between the two countries, what can be done.


Erdoğan Gündüzpolat and the delegation accompanying him later met with the President of Erciyes AŞ Murat Cahit Cıngı. The delegation, who visited the newly built hotels and facilities in Erciyes, exchanged views on what could be done to bring the Russian tourists who are very enthusiastic and enthusiastic about skiing to Erciyes, and who are interested in skiing, will be held between 22 and 27 in March. 's representative agreed to join. Gündüzpolat, recalling that Russian tourists are very popular in Palandöken, said:

“If they see Erciyes, they will not give up here. However, facilities and especially hotels should be improved a little and bed capacity should be increased. After these works, we can realize 100 thousand tourists to Erciyes next year. ”

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