My Public Transportation Electronic Fare Collection System Tenders In Malatya

Public Transport in Malatya Electronic Fare Collection System Tenders: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. 2011 in the year of the public transport of the Smart Card (Electronic Fare Collection) system is taking the tender.
Transportation Inc.'s statement; In order to increase customer satisfaction and improve system quality, 'Electronic Fare Collection System' operation will be announced on 10.04.2015. The company will receive installation, maintenance and repair of the devices, card sales-filling and collecting works and the system will be completely renewed information was included.
Within the scope of the tender;
1. 200 validator (card reading device in vehicles),
2. In-car information panel (advertising space)
3. 200 pieces routing panel (front and side panel-long),
4. 100 pieces panel panel (rear panel-short),
5. 20 smart stall system,
6. 10 unit monitoring device,
7. 20 pcs credit show device,
8. 30 pieces kiosk device (automatic filling machines)
9. 160 bus system (141 solo, 19)
10. Vehicle tracking system,
11. 6 pc personalization unit,
12. (Electronic Fare Collection System Sit with line optimization software will be awarded to 9 (nine) year.

In addition, the products listed above will be requested from the contractor firm to be operational within 200 calendar days.

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