Durmazlar The machine signed the protocol for the delivery of HRS vehicles and trams

Durmazlar Machine HRS agent and signed a protocol for the tram delivery: Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light, was attended by rail signing ceremony in Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep congratulated for the support given Altepe'ye of domestic production, "today Turkey is a sector of public procurement We will sign very good examples of how to animate. ”
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar Machinery Industry Tic. Inc. Rail system contract signature ceremony was held between. With Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar The machine signed a protocol for the delivery of 60 light rail vehicles and 12 trams. According to the protocol, the first 6 month will be delivered to the 2 rail vehicle and 2 trams. 30 is scheduled to complete light rail vehicles during the month and trams during 14 months. Trams will run on the new T2 Power Plant Garage-Demirtas line, while light rail vehicles will be added to existing lines.
Minister of Science Industry and Technology Fikri Işık visited Pilot Vehicle Seats in the Organized Industrial Zone and received information about electric vehicles. Then with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar Participating in the "Rail System Contract Signing Ceremony" signed at Hilton Hotel between the machines, Işık congratulated Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe. Stating that they enacted laws and prepared regulations called domestic production, but the more effective one was action, Işık said that the realization of ideas was more important. Light that expresses the key role of public procurement in the development of the country, "Today how to revive a sector of public procurement in Turkey, we will take very good exemplary signatures. Therefore, I thank our Metropolitan Mayor on behalf of our government. For its support to domestic production. This awareness is not enough only for the mayor, it is important that the team and the team have this understanding. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has an understanding that supports domestic production, I congratulate. Another congratulation Durmazlar'A. We are a very talented nation. We have an entrepreneurial spirit. If we combine our talent with our entrepreneurship, we will not stand in front of us. We've seen this one more time here. Because of their success DurmazlarI congratulate him too, ”he said.
Turkey has many miss the train, the energy spent in the other place that expresses Light, highlighted the importance of the domestic automobile production. Explaining the production adventure of Devrim automobile, Işık said, “What do you know the importance of the automobile brand? The Turkish automotive supplier industry is not a strategic partner of the main industry. However, the automotive supplier industry in Germany is the strategic partner of the automotive main industry. Automotive companies in Germany have to take the sub-industry into consideration, no matter what decision they make. car brand in Turkey is important for him, "he said.
"It odaklans in this field rather than empty debate within Turkey in those years we would not have the level of 10-35 thousand dollars to 40 thousand dollars mille income level," said Light, "Year 2003, the AK Party came to power. He turned heavily towards the railways. As the government, we started to focus on the neglected railway work after the veteran. Now to modernize the rail network was outdated, we tried to breakthrough to Turkey with high-speed trains. Turkey said they can not do high-speed train. Those who opposed that day are again against today. Not fast but we started the Time lapse train. There was an accident in Mekece. Remember the arguments that came out then. It was the first time that a government would be charity, he said, and did not turn away. Now running speed train in Turkey's Istanbul-Ankara line. It works on the Istanbul-Konya line. Now we knit everywhere with high speed train network. Our goal is to exemplify our whole country with high speed train network. If the government in a country does not provide the necessary support to the government and domestic production and does not make all its policies towards domestic production, it will not be possible to develop domestic production only through the private sector. We started to concentrate especially on local, innovative and green production ”.
The Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu, "after years out someone, Recep Altepe Mayor what he did to this city is to be called to ask to mind first will answer Turkey will be started to produce rail systems. I congratulate Recep Altepe as the governor of the province. We can be sure we're going to get something in Turkey and challenging way to say we need to be better than in Europe. 50 with the advantage of this price provided. We are delighted to have 320 trillion excavated in their own cities and municipalities Kendi.
Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, said:
“Today is an important, historical day for Bursa. After the tram vehicles that we have performed before, we are conducting the protocol signing ceremony of the subway and tram vehicles. 72 was a tender for vehicles and was important to us. We are really happy and proud. We kept our promise to the people of Bursa. Worldwide from Turkey will be firm with these steps taken. 6, the world's authority. country, Durmazlar 7. company. Before the metropolitan elections, we promised to make the rail vehicles indigenous. Many of these statements did not believe it. After making the elections, our friends had to work. After the work started, I needed a father. Mr. Hüseyin demanded this job and after that they said that the tram would not go to sculpture. Then he left. Then our enemies could not rejoice, our friends were happy. ”
Trams 1.5 for years working in Bursa and the incredible performance of the Altepe, he continued:
“Now it's time for the subway. Production of rail system wagons started. 3 of municipalities' budget is getting into 2. This money was supposed to remain in the country. Now we can show them in Turkey. however, the concept has changed in Turkey. Now Turkey became one of the major exporters. We have written the quality requirements we expect. European firms no longer compete with Turkey. 6 years ago 3 million 100 thousand euros have bought 30 vehicles. When the tram walks in Bursa and the subway wagons work, European companies will aspire to them. Hopefully on this Durmazlarbah The bet is open. '
Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: ise When the crisis occurred in the world in 2008, everyone started to take precautions. Our Metropolitan Mayor was looking for a babayiğit that would make local trams and subways. We aspire to this work. With the forehead of our forehead, we got through this. There was no excitement and no worries in doing such a job. We will run as long as God gives health ”.
Following the protocol speeches, signatures were signed with a ceremony.

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