Concrete Steps Will Be Taken This Year in Derbent Aladağ Ski Resort Project

konyaderbent aladag
konyaderbent aladag

Concrete Steps Will Be Taken This Year in Derbent Aladağ Ski Center Project: Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek said that more important and concrete steps will be taken this year in relation to the Derbent Aladağ Ski Center Project, where the works carried out to become Konya's Winter Sports Center are accelerated. .

Konya Mayor Tahir Akyurek and some district mayors of Konya met with their families and children in Derbent Aladag. In the skiing and sightseeing event organized by the organization of the Municipality of Derbent, the mayors had the pleasure of skiing together with their families in the ski resort. Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, Ski Federation Konya Provincial Representative Zarif Yildirim and other interested persons, Akyurek found in the area of ​​the ski facilities to be built, the rink will be made and other tracks to be established with the technical information about the other details of the project.

Tahir Akyürek, the Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, visited the area to be built on a snowy ground about one meter. Akyurek, said in a statement here, as the region of Konya is now included in the fields of interest, stating, dahil Aladağ'da efforts to create a ski resort in the Mayor Hamdi Acar Bey had launched. We also have this project as Metropolitan Municipality, Biz he said.


Akyurek stated that they will establish the first ski center of Konya together with the Municipality of Derbent as the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya in Aladağ with the Municipality of Konya. Kar Today, together with our mayors and friends of the municipality, together with our friends who prepared the field project, We have done a review inceleme. Nowadays there is no snow in the central districts of Konya and Aladağ'da 75-80 in the vicinity of the snow and that they see that they saw that they are very suitable for skiing Akyürek, m in the region close to Konya, Ilgin, Beysehir, Hüyük, Seydişehir and Doganhisar districts here too near. Our work continues. I hope we will take concrete and important steps in this year, Bu he said.
Akyürek said that the transportation of a good ski resort should be provided in a healthy way in order to be realized and emphasized that there will be the possibility to reach the region from Derbent, its surroundings and all other points in various ways, bir But besides, there is a need for high quality social facilities. In other words, areas where catering areas, recreation and accommodation areas and suitable materials are provided are required. Our mayor has already done preliminary studies. I hope that more concrete steps will be taken in this year cak.


Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar emphasized that there is a snow height of about one meter even though it is the first days of March in Aladağ. “We were pleased to host our Metropolitan Mayor and district mayors and Metropolitan Council Committees together with their spouses and children. We recently made researches in Bursa Uludag. When we compare it to Aladağ, it turned out that Aladağ has more pros. Hopefully we will be including Turkey Konya up here and ski tourism and Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek from one of the greatest works will now be history. Therefore, I am happy, I am proud. Bundan

Mayor Acar, verbally how much of the beauty and value of the place can be experienced only by coming and appearing, in this sense, the mayors of the district said that after seeing here they expressed their fascination.

Aladag'da some of the districts with their spouses and children who enjoy skiing with their sledding skiers also admire Aladag'a, where the heart of the skiing center wanted to be established as soon as possible, he added.
In Aladağ, the Mayor of Derbent Hamdi Acar was watched with a short ski show by wearing ski suits.

In the meantime, in the near future will be Konya's Winter Sports Center Aladag in the scope of tourism incentive law to be transferred to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism project was about to be completed is learned. Within the scope of the project carried out jointly by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Derbent Municipality and Konya Governorship and MUSIAD, it was stated that the development plan of 1 / 5 bin and 1 / 25 was made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the 1 / thousand plan was about to be finished. In the coming days, with the completion of the geological surveys, the file will be submitted to the Ministry within the 15 days to be announced as a tourism promotion area.

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