Chinese CNR signs vehicle contract for Izmir Metro

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who spoke at the signing ceremony held for the purchase of 85 new wagons to be used in Izmir Metro, stated that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has invested over 11 billion liras in 3 years in transportation with its strong financial structure. “We are writing the epic that a city can only develop by its own power. "We will continue to write this epic," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken action in order to further develop the ever-increasing metro system, is adding more 10 wagons to its fleet after the 85 wagon. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, 85 signed a contract with the Chinese company CNR for Ismet Inonu Cultural Center. Izmir deputies Mehmet Ali Susam, Mustafa Moroglu, the district mayors and the managers of CNR company attended the ceremony.
Speaking at the ceremony, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu, the biggest problem of the big cities to be solved transportation is the transportation and rail transport, ferry, bus fleet renewal, with DDY project in public transportation 11 years, quality, comfort and speed, said they continue to work.

The number of passengers in the metro will rise to a thousand
77 wagon is currently working in Izmir Metro, 10 will go into service and the power of 85 wagon will increase the carrying capacity of 20 said that the President said, X Now with this system 350 thousand passengers have reached the daily capacity. When the new wagons arrive, the 1.5 will carry one passenger per minute and we will raise our passenger potential to one thousand thousand. Yeni In the tender for the new wagon, 750 pointed out that the competition for the new wagon took place and President Kocaoğlu said, ald In the race between CNR and CNR company, which we previously bought, we buy 85 wagons from CNR company at very reasonable rates. The most powerful aspect of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is the open and transparent tender. This project is financed by IFC (International Finance Corporation), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, AFD (French Development Agency) and ING Bank. We continue our work on the 85 wagon from CSR, CS he said.

2 billion pounds investment in rail system
In order to increase the comfort and speed of the renewal of Izmir transportation, 11 invested more than 3 billion liras over the year and President Kocaoğlu continued his speech:
“We have made an investment of 750 million pounds, excluding wagons, for İZBAN line from Aliağa to Torbalı. We will reach Torbali in May. We bought 450 million TL with İZBAN A.Ş. Half of this, ie 225 million, was met by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In other words, the investment made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to İZBAN line is 975 million pounds. 50 - 60 We are extending the line to Selçuk with a million pound infrastructure investment. As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we have allocated 1 billion resources for this project. We spent about 450 million for the construction of İzmir Metro and 293 million for the purchase of wagons. Mansion -Karşıyaka We will invest around 400 million for tramways. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not use credit in the construction of commodities. IZBAN also used very little, and the payment is over. Credits were used for the new 85 wagon to be purchased. The amount of investment made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the rail system is over 2 billion pounds. The bus fleet was renewed with an investment of 450 million pounds. Next week, one of our ferry boats will be launched with a ceremony in Tuzla, Istanbul. Together with the 300 ferry, we have spent close to 3 million pounds for the ferries. When we collect all of them, 400's investment in transportation in the year is around 11 billion. As Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to invest in a comfortable and comfortable transportation ”.

Example of metropolitan world
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's solid financial structure, regular solvency, without distinction, with the structure that fairly tender today just pointed out that one of the model institutions all over the world not only in Turkey Mayor Kocaoglu, "This is the city with by the people with an understanding of management participants, a participatory approach to democracy and a transparent management. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, with all our staff, all the opinion leaders of the city, together with the city 'local development' slogan; we are on the way to develop this city, we produce projects. the awareness that the overall development of Turkey's bright city we must be an example to Turkey. We are working and working together to stand like İzmir and live like İzmir and to protect the right to life and the way of life. We are writing the epic of a city that can only develop with its own power. We will continue to write this epic.

Metropolitan awarded us
China CNR Corporation Limited Global Business System Deputy General Manager Yu Yanbin, in his speech, thanked the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for receiving the vehicles from their companies as a reward. Yanbin continued his speech as follows: “Friendships between Turkish righteous and Chinese peoples go back to very old times. The trade volume between the two countries has made great progress. CNR is the leader in the field of railway transportation equipment in China. The company's annual turnover is $ 17.5 billion. We export to more than 80 countries. Today's signing ceremony is a very important start for our future collaborations. We will demonstrate the strength and strength of our company without any effort or work, in order to complete the project with the utmost sincerity and in the highest quality. We will provide an excellent service to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. ”

293 million pounds investment
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will invest 85 million 192 thousand pounds for 59 wagon. Each wagon will cost 2 million 259 thousand pounds. The delivery time of the wagons will be 30 months. The first three trains set 19. At the end of the month, 23 at least six trains. At the end of the month, the last train set is also at 26. will be delivered at the end of the month. 30 followed by trial runs. starting from the month the vehicles will be put into service. With the new train sets 10 wagons and 85 wagons completed in the factory in China, the total number of wagons in the fleet will reach 172. 2009 wagon in Izmir 32 2009 2015 293 350 years between the years of investment for the metro wagon 280 million pounds was. 34 bin in Izmir Metro and XNUMX thousand passengers in İZBAN. This figure corresponds to the XNUMX of the total number of passengers in public transport.

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