Crowded metrobus response from CHP to IMM

Crowded metrobus reaction from CHP to IMM: The trip to IETT buses and metrobuses continues to increase day by day!

Hıdır ULAĞ - CHP's Kösedağı Would you laugh or cry for the crammed trip in IETT and Metrobuses, a tragic comic comment: "If you want to find your back in life, take the IETT buses and metrobuses!"

During the February 2015 meetings of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly Kadıköy Mesut Kösedağı, CHP Member of the Municipality and IMM Assembly, took the photos taken by the Assembly to the attention of the members of the Assembly and made an out of the agenda speech on “IETT-Metrobus-Public Transport and the problem of passengers”;

We see the problems of IETT above politics, because it is very important for us that our citizens using IETT are comfortable. However, the travel conditions of our citizens on the bus are so challenging that they are tired more than they are at work. When our citizens leave the house in the morning, their hair is combed, their clothes are ironed, their smells are squeezed, and their shoes are painted on the buses, when they get off the bus, their shoes with wrinkled clothes are pressed many times, their hair is in disarray and they are beaten. Not to mention harassment and pickpockets ...

Aziz Nesin tells IETT: seyahat Everyone has work power yan in his book:, Istanbul residents travel from the love of each other on trams, buses, dolmus, to lap lap, cheek to cheek, lip lip. (Miş) If the traffic light suddenly comes on, if one does not stay on one side and the other on the other, two Istanbulites cannot be separated. (

Also, there are a lot of moments when Akbil is not coming back ann IETT General Manager I am advised that if there is a passenger car or if he / she comes to work with his / her vehicle, he / she immediately gives up using the bus, because I don't think he / she is using public transportation. If IETT General Manager Mumin Kahveci had used the İETT buses and he said that; Içinden Thousands of people in public transportation every day collect the stories from life through every detail, which makes you smile, sad and sad. Life is positive-negative aspects of the flow of IETT vehicles and stops all the time spent in the task to equip with beauty. Loving public transport is related to making life easier. From our travel cards to increasing number of flights, from comfortable travel to qualified team building, we work for this at every stage. Ekip Did they think they could use their sentences? The question comes from the man.

One day, Mr. Kadir Topbaş and Mr. I would like to travel on the IETT bus with dan back door bin to Mumin Kahveci and 11US line. Sec. I expect Topbaş to make an open call and accept the invitation.

Metrobus is a nice application, but if you turn every bellows bus into a metrobus, buses will be tapped on normal lines. Again, the beautiful application lar Mobile IETT gel and the digital screens placed on the stops show how many minutes the bus will come to the station after a few minutes. There is no system to check if the vehicle has arrived, but we do not have any information. The citizen is particularly victimized in winter (especially on busy lines), since there is no replacement bus instead of a replacement bus.

Access to Metrobus stops is still a big problem. At some stops, our citizens can reach the station by crossing the 3 overpass. Metrobus stop at the end of the stops of the citizen's walking stalk does not stop this application, the Ministry of Health, il ten thousand steps per day for the project ın is being done for support !!!

Apart from these, the problems of private public bus drivers and other affiliates of IETT are stacked inde Finally, if you want to find your friend who will lean back in life, get on the bus! 'Cause you don't have another chance in that crowd!



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