Disastrous death of highway workers

Disastrous death of road workers: Kırıkkale-Ankara highway as a result of a car crashed into the road workers 1 people were killed, 2 people were injured.
06 DJ 9512 plate car under the direction of Ecevit Özmen, Kırıkkale-Ankara highway 12'nci kilometer, out of control by the roadside water canal cleaning workers who hit the highways.
Suat Akbaş (28), Yunus Sevis (39) and Selçuk Taş (31) were injured in the accident. The wounded, ambulances called to the scene Kirikkale University Medical Faculty and Specialized Hospital removed.
Suat Akbaş, who was seriously injured in the accident, could not be saved despite the intervention in the Faculty of Medicine of Kırıkkale University. Sevis and Stone also learned that life-threatening.

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