Bombardier introduces energy-saving C30 MOVIA subway car at Eurasia Rail 2015

Bombardier introduces the energy-saving C30 MOVIA subway car at the Eurasia Rail 2015 Fair: Bombardier Transportation, the leader in metro and train production with the rational and creative solutions it provides in many parts of the world, has launched the new C30 MOVIA subway car, the Eurasia Rail 2015 Fair in Istanbul. introduced. C30 MOVIA increases the number of passengers 15 and saves energy without compromising the comfort of the passengers.

In Turkey, since 1986 years, metro and light rail transport sector which contributes to the development of rail transport in offering solutions Bombardier Transportation presented the new model C30 MOVIE tool on the market in Turkey.

After the establishment in Ankara, Turkey's first subway system, Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Eskisehir and subways in cities like Bursa, Bombardier contributing to the establishment of light rail and tram systems, C30 with MOVIE model continues to grow at Turkey market.

Bombardier Railway Vehicles Department of Turkey, Eastern Europe and Middle East Region High Speed ​​Train Head of Sales Furio Rossi, Scandinavia Regional Representative Klas Wahlberg and Canadian Ambassador John with Holmes and participation, Istanbul Eurasia Rail 2015 Fair introduced C30 MOVIE model with Bombardier, comfortable Turkey's rail transport offers solutions.

Bombardier Railway Vehicles Department of Turkey, Eastern Europe and Middle East Region High Speed ​​Train Head of Sales Furio Ross' "Today Bombardier engaged in manufacturing the most advanced level of transportation technology puts energy efficiency and passenger comfort at the center of the whole process. We spend a significant portion of our income on research and development. We want to introduce Turkish consumers with the latest technology. Bombardier vehicles are equipped with the highest level of safety in terms of passenger safety as well as providing energy efficiency Bomb.

Offers a light, airy and bright environment

The new C30 MOVIA model, which was designed and developed by Bombardier Transportation for the Swedish capital Stockholm, contributes to energy savings with the subway train, increasing the number of passengers above 15 without sacrificing comfort.

The C30 train, produced with the vision of en Open City konfor for an open, spacious and bright environment, has the highest passenger capacity, comfort and mobility with two additional winged doors for fast entry-exit, compared to previous generation metro trains designed by Bombardier. The four-seater seating configuration and the additional seats on the sides of the vehicle are designed to level.



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