Boluda Two Seasons Together

Two seasons in Bolu: With the warming of the weather, the crocuses bloom in the plateaus of Bolu, while holidaymakers enjoy skiing in Kartalkaya, covered with snow.

Spring has come to Sarıalan Plateau on the road route that provides access to the ski center. Yellow and purple crocuses bloomed in the plateau. The ski season continues in Kartalkaya, 12 kilometers away from the plateau. Holidaymakers in the ski resort are skiing in the snow, which is about 2 meters thick.
Dorukkaya Hotel General Manager Yusuf Avcı said to AA correspondent that they had the best season of 38 years and they were very pleased with the interest of local and foreign holidaymakers in Kartalkaya.

Explaining that the snowfall continues in the ski center from time to time, Avcı said, “While it was snowing at the ski center, crocuses bloomed in Sarıalan Plateau. Kartalkaya is living two seasons together. Our holidaymakers can walk among the crocuses that descend after the ski on the tracks. In this way, the province that lives together the two seasons is rare, ”he said.

Hakan Yavuz, who came to the ski resort from Istanbul with his family, also stated that he could not go on holiday in the winter due to his busy schedule, “We wanted to ski in winter but it did not happen. Today we came to the ski center and we enjoy the holiday by skiing. ”
Yavuz pointed out that the snowfall continues in the ski center at intervals and said, “The weather is very nice. We spend time by skiing under the snow. In Sarıalan Plateau, the weather is daily sun. Crocuses have bloomed here. Winter and spring season are living together in Kartalkaya, it is very beautiful ”.