Bilecik Bus Terminal was taken to investment program

Bilecik bus station was taken into the investment program of YHT roads: Bilecik Mayor Selim Yağcı met with the headmen of the 11 neighborhood and the village headmen near the center.

Morning breakfast in a restaurant in Bilecik with the headmen coming together with the President Yağcı, Bilecik made and gave information about the projects they will do. High Speed ​​Train (YHT) will start to work in front of us indicating that the month of Yağcı, in YHT is currently missing something missing. We only have a shortage of natural gas. Natural gas companies and high-speed train officials in the meeting with them as we have presented the ground as a municipality. I hope that the natural gas will be taken down there with speed. Karasu life is the owner of the business there have completed other things. In this sense, this year we will serve our people in a good way. Nas


General Directorate of Highways by the YHT-related paths that bring the good news about the world of the oil, said: And hopefully the construction of the road in the first phase between the YHT bus station will begin. We'il make that connection. The second stage is the 2 which connects on our request as a part of our feet. It will be connected to the Bursa road through the Organized Industrial Zone. When we have finished our way to Bursa, I hope that there will be a study that will let things flow down to Eskişehir without coming directly from the city traffic. We are doing this work, Bun he said.


Housing Development Administration for the citizens of (TOKI) region, Station, Soğuksu and Aşağıköy in a very nice collection, recreation President Oiler stating there would be even fun areas to rest, "Some evenings there will be live music, there will be environment in which to relax people on this occasion. But our main target in Karasu is that there is a place where fish can be caught during the 10 year. In the meantime, we are building a bridge with 8 mill. There, we make the bridge over a special 8 mill with its historic, special architecture. We're going to renew that bridge over the old bridge. We will realize the transition bridges where people will be photographed on the way to the fishing line with the transition to and two or three of the least parking on Karasu. Or


Bilecik Mayor Selim Yağcı stated that Karasu will no longer be clean after the refineries of Bozüyük and the remaining Pazaryeri municipalities in the future. Yağcı, or Life is the island of Karasu in the area we do clean clear that if we know that the region will give even more pleasure. We will turn the sand field next to the new Indoor Sports Hall in this area into the synthetic field and we will bring this place into a beautiful stadium where everyone can comfortably use the modern stadium suitable for the texture. Of course our ultimate goal is to bring the big stadium to Karasu. For this reason, we also met with the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Hopefully until the election, but after the election, if the Minister or the new Minister in consultation with the Bilkent 10 thousand people as a statue of the factory building down to that area will be placed if the statue, '' he said.


Yağcı said they are also thinking of an 5 star hotel on the island of life. There are lodgings in the neighborhood of the railway station. We got the dwellings as a municipality and the delivery has not been made yet, but we have made the agreements. He was sent to the General Directorate with respect to them. Hopefully we will make one Bilecik House in the place where the railways are located. When there are TV shoots, private meetings and other things, it will be used in the local style of Bilecik and there will be beautiful pictures taken, there will be services and programs will be one of the promotional houses. Televizyon

After the conversation, the muhtars of the neighborhood reported their problems to President Yağcı and exchanged ideas for mutual solution.

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