President Uysal Bayındır District Studies Study

President Uysal Bayındır District Studies: Muratpaşa Mayor Umit Uysal, the Directorate of Science Affairs conducted by the Directorate of Asphalt, curb and border studies were inspected.
Natural gas and electricity infrastructure works have been completed neighborhoods and the pavements of the districts renewed Muratpaşa Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, Bayındır District was concentrated. Directorate of Science Affairs teams, Bayındır neighborhood deterioration due to infrastructure works as well as deterioration of roads due to use of the road milling machine is re-covered with hot asphalt.
Viewing the studies on site and with citizens sohbet Muratpaşa Mayor Ümit Uysal said, “Natural gas work has been completed in our Bayındır Neighborhood. Then our teams started to work. Due to the cost and ease of use of the citizens, we cover the pavements with asphalt and paint them. "What matters to us is the happiness of our citizens and their satisfaction with the service."
Muratpaşa Mayor Uysal studies, Vice President Erol İşbilen, Science Affairs Manager Arif Kuş and Bayındır District Headman Hasan Zorlu examined together. In the Bayindir District, within the scope of studies about 9 thousand tons of hot asphalt using 3.500 meter road and 3273 meter pavement was performed. In addition, 3500 square meter stone and 7200 metretül curbstone work were also carried out in the Bayındır District where the pavements were painted.



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