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Gospel of the ski lift President President of Steel: Prince of Mayor Omar Faruk Celik, the ropeway, the news of the March, gave the council meeting. Expressing that the 40 annual dream of Manisa turned into a reality, Mayor Çelik said, çe We will realize our dream about the cable car. As a result of the negotiations with the Ministry within a few months, 2 hotels and cable cars will be made in the form of a build-operate-transfer model. Bakanlık
The Municipal Assembly Meeting of the Municipality of Şehzadeler was held at the Municipal Assembly Hall of the Cultural Center. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik. President Steel in his speech before the meeting, evaluating the work done in February, gave good news to the Manisa people. Expressing his dream of a ropeway becoming a reality, Chairman Çelik said, ger We are closely following the projects of our municipalities in ministries in order to receive more investment and services. In this sense, the subject we follow intensely is the 27 annual dream of Manisa. As is known, in Manisa, 40 has an annual dream of a cable car. We have held several meetings with our Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Mr. Veysel Eroğlu. On this occasion, I thank him very much. We constantly move with us and I believe that the 40 annual imagination will become a reality. We have a serious stage. Procurement preparations are currently in progress. The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs will conduct a tender for the construction of the 40 hotels and the cable car with the build-operate-transfer form. We also know that there are investors and I hope to give us this gospel. Everything is going positive. It is a subject that will make a great contribution to the tourism and branding of our city. Within a few months, we will share this good news with the public. Birkaç Following the determination of the agenda following the monthly assessment, the proposals were read.
CHP municipal council members with the proposal of the Cemevlerinin buildings as a religious facility to be specified, the public asked for the needs of the public.
AK Party, MHP and the CHP municipal council members by giving a common proposal, the municipality of Cobanisa is being made by the municipality suggested the name of Ozgecan Aslan. Then the agenda items were passed.
President Steel was given unanimously to tender the door entrance, day use area and cottage management in the Atalanı area, which is located within the boundaries of Spil Mountain National Park. In order to construct a septic plant connected to the sewerage facility in Karayenice District, the article on the transfer of a land of qualified land of one thousand 1447 in 311 parcel to the General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality was accepted unanimously. President Steel, where service is, if required, the municipality's land can be given to MASKI drew attention to. After this article, the mayor was unanimously authorized to borrow more than the 10 of the municipal budget.
The proposal of the Municipality of Gölmarmara to become a sister municipality with the Municipality of Şehzadeler was accepted by the votes of the council members. Mayor Çelik stated, iz Our first sister city was Gölmarmara Municipality. Our door is open to everyone who wants to be brothers with us. I wish the good fortune to be our two municipalities and our people, ım he said.
Cemevi will be held in YENİKÖY
After the agenda items, the proposals on the agenda of the parliament were put to vote. CHP municipal council members' request for the Cemevi was transferred to the administrative commission. President Steel, ağ Yeniköy'den the old wedding hall projects are preparing, we will be auctioned soon. We are making Cemevi here as Municipality of Şehzadeler. We talked to them before. Our Bektashi brothers will use the Cemevi as a cultural center. Let us discuss what can be done legally here in the administrative commission. Burada
Another proposal on the agenda of the Assembly was related to the granting of Ozgecan Aslan to the park in Cobanisa. He stated that they condemned all kinds of violence against women and said, ın Violence against women is not acceptable. This is a shame on humanity. A public opinion occurred in this context, the need both in Manisa in Turkey. Hearts are branded. People have come to a point where they cannot find a word to benefit from the pain they experience. In this context, we want to show our sensitivity. Şehzadeler Belediyesi, with the wish of all kinds of violence against women, we brought our Özgecan Aslan girl to a beautiful park where we had to make a beautiful park where we had recently been walking and our hiking trails. We will also present the photos of this to his family in the case of a file. Bun
The relevant article was approved by the votes of the council members. It was decided to hold the April parliamentary meeting on 2 April 2014 Thursday at 18.00.

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