Ankara Sincan subway failed early in the morning

Ankara Sincan metro failed early in the morning: The Sincan metro failed early in the morning. The reason for the fault was to interrupt the 1 hour on the subway, and a claim was made on the social media in the direction of y Cables stolen, stops stopped Ar. Metropolitan Municipality said in a statement, due to a power failure due to wagon failure.

Citizens who wanted to take the Sincan metro in the capital yesterday morning, encountered technical surprise surprise.
Time 07.15 queues due to malfunction of the metro interrupted an hour, the passengers went down the main roads and the bus was full and sought. On the social media, ileri The metro does not work because the cables are stolen Büyük claims to the Metropolitan Municipality officials, ınd The claim that the cable was stolen is unfounded. This is not the case. There was a power outage at the TRT site of Çakırlar region. After about an hour of malfunction, the voyages have returned to normal Yaklaşık


Passengers who had to wait for a long time at the stops due to a failed subway reacted to not being informed. What is happening, when it can be saved as a secret of the state '' he said.


In the social media, shared tweets about the failure are as follows:
@celliborn: Some lines are removed to encourage people to subway. (Sincan-Eryaman-Kızılay) metro line problems, people are nicely victimized.
@DenizYiImaz: I think there are plagues in Eryaman. It's weird not taking the subway.
@hazaltugluk: All subway failures find me
@batyob: The most difficult thing in this country is to make the subway ride in the city where the president @06melihgokcek.



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