Aktas Holding will grow in rail system with new factory investment

Aktaş Holding will grow in the rail system with the new factory investment: Aktaş Holding is setting up a new factory to grow in rail systems and defense industry. The company, which produces air suspension bellows for heavy commercial vehicles, will increase its capacity in this area.

Have a say in the heavy commercial vehicle with air suspension bellows production for vehicles on the world arena, which Aktas Holding, increased capacity of different sectors as well as rail and defense industry also began the new factory built in line with its growth objectives.

Industry worldwide leadership in accordance with the goals, especially the last two years management improvements in many areas of the organization from the competition and investment strategy and improvements that they did Aktas Holding CEO Sami Erol, this strength in structural areas that they want to accelerate the new factory investment. Erol stated that the investments in the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone with a closed area of ​​about 20 thousand square meters were in February, and added, metrekare We foresee an investment of 30 million TL. completing our investment in the third quarter, our fully integrated building independent from each location will become a structure for Turkey. Thus, reaching 30-35 thousand square meters of indoor space in Turkey and worldwide manufacturing, sales and distribution in the total going over the 50 thousand square meters. Our annual global production volume will increase by 2,5 million units per million. Yıllık

In contact with world giants for rail systems

Mercedes, MAN, Temsa, Otokar, Karsan bellows produce buyer and Erol indicating that point reached today are a thousand 250 different reference groups, he stressed as well as increased capacity with new factories are aiming at new products. purveyor of heavy vehicles group that recently they want to come to the attention of a major supplier position in the rail system that attracts Erol, "We are doing production for the rail system will work with the company, but more in the future. Currently, certain collaborations with world giants continue on a project basis. We will produce the train suspension systems both in Turkey and abroad. In addition, we are introducing the fully automatic suspension systems with electric control, which we call technical suspension systems. They will be mass production in our new factory. Geçmiş Erol, on the other hand, emphasized that they continue to produce prestige products that require high know-how to the main suppliers in the defense industry.

Aktas Holding group of heavy vehicles as well as rail and defense industry also underlined that they aimed to grow Erol, "We want to grow in new fields for Aggressive growth opportunities we foresee. There are many issues, projects, strategic expansions that we have been working on. Bunlar

”We see growth at OEMs at 100 level“

Erol, who said that Aktas Holding, which will continue to grow in the aftermark, predicts the growth of the OEM at the level of 100, said, OEM We are currently in cooperation with three important OEMs. When this happens in the coming months, we will have directly commissioned a new product. We are targeting the 30s level at the OEM in the production of suspension systems. The percentage will be 70 aftermarket. In the future, we would like to see at least a percentage of the 35-40 additional turnover on the turnover from the new suspension areas üzerine.

There are also production facilities in China and Bulgaria

35-40 2014 percent growth target this year is the year in 2013-12 15 percent compared to the level of the information that they did 110 million dollars of turnover growth Erol, that was passed around 2015 years 35-40 percent growth forecast. Erol, indicating that they work with the total 550 employee, Bursa, as well as production facilities in China and Bulgaria, the distribution stores in America and Germany with sales companies in Brazil reminded that there are sales. Erol; Airtech, Aircomfort and Aktas brands, 75-80 90-XNUMX total production of more than XNUMX have exported to the country stressed.

Prepared to establish R & D center

this year by TAYSAD as the most patent and utility model firms in Turkey, stating that they awarded the first prize Erol, they do at least 10 patent applications every year and said there was about 90 patents are at this point today. Erol, who stated that Aktaş Holding transfers the 3-4 of the turnover to R & D activities each year, said: X We want to establish an R & D center. With our new factory, we will provide the physical conditions. At the latest, we are aiming to put into operation in the fourth quarter of the year. Now we have a very strong R & D team and R & D processes. Our goal is to make more R & D for new business and product groups. Cirodan R & D to share the share of 3-4 4-5-XNUMX-XNUMX'larin want to remove. We aim to add value-added products. On the other hand, our long-term targets include public offering.

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