Adrenaline at the peak of the throne

Adrenaline at the top of the Tahtalin: Escape Paragliding jumps, which were carried out from the summit of Tahtalı Teleferik at an altitude of 2365 meters, restarted with the improvement of the weather conditions.

Paragliding enthusiasts who want to jump to freedom at the summit are flying from the summit they reach by cable car to the beaches of Tekirova. Paragliding athletes who jump with the slogan 'Fly to Freedom' as long as the weather permits, says everyone should see the unique view of Tahtalı even once.

Escape Flight School partner Mehmet Dursun, who said that they carried out 2014 jumps from the summit of Tahtalı Mountain in 0 to the 2 point where the Tekirova beaches were, noted that their 500 targets were 2015 jumps. The jumps, accompanied by 3 professional paragliding pilots with a commercial tandem jump certificate, attract great attention. Stating that there is a great interest especially from abroad, Dursun said, “There are many foreigners who want to jump from the summit of Tahtalı. Especially those who will spend their holidays in the region during the summer period make a reservation months in advance. Sometimes there are days when we make 500 jumps and sometimes 10 jumps. ”


Stating that the jumps from the Tahtalı Teleferik summit is the only one in the world, the only point that goes down to the 2365 point from 0 meters to the flight is the Tahtalı Teleferik summit. The jumps are maybe made from 3 thousand meters, but not to the 0 point. Here you can land from 2365 to 0 meters, "he said.

Adding that a 0-minute flight from the summit to the 30 point was made, Dursun said, “It is possible to jump 12 months. It doesn't matter if there is snow at the summit. The times when the jumps are not possible are the days when the wind is very hard and there is snow. Apart from that, we are skipping 12 months of the year. ”