Escalator Most Dangerous For Them

Escalator Most Dangerous For Them: The escalators and roads that serve the most crowded areas such as shopping centers, metro stations and airports increase the risk of accidents when necessary precautions are not taken.

The fact that children see the escalators as toys and the elderly and the disabled are forced to walk up the escalators is one of the most important reasons that increase the risk. According to the case statistics, up to 5 children are affected most from escalator accidents.

Risks arising from mechanical, electrical, misuse, risks arising from ergonomic problems arising from incorrect design, risks of accidents due to control circuit failures, risks of breakage and rupture due to incorrect design or overload, risks that may occur due to escalators and roads. In order to prevent it, the standard titled "EN 115-1 + A1" is applied under the title "Maintenance of Elevators and Escalators - Rules for Maintenance Instructions". According to the accident statistics; Injuries from light cuts and frictions caused by escalators to bone fractures and organ breaks mostly affect children under 5 years old. Over half of the injuries are caused by falling from stairs or by touching the sharp metal borders of the stairs. However, the biggest danger arises when some part of the body breaks between the moving staircase and the wall of the staircase that stands still. In most escalator injuries, the child is caught in the mechanism. It occurs, for example, by shoelaces or a shoelaces that are caught in the garment, causing the foot, leg, arm or hand to be pulled.


For families to be safe on the escalators, the following points should be considered:

  • Carefully inspect children on escalators and do not allow them to run up and down in steps.
  • To prevent jams between the stair step and the side wall, ensure that children stand in the middle of the staircase and do not leave their hands.
  • Carry small children on your lap.
  • Soft, foldable shoes and rubber sandals can be particularly dangerous, so make sure you don't wear this kind of shoes when you are going to a place with escalators.
  • Do not remove the strollers from the escalators, but prefer to use the lift as much as possible with a stroller. Falling down on the escalator causes a lot of injuries.
  • Teach children not to rub their feet on the stairway.

Make sure that no jams occur at the top of the staircase, checking the children as they get up and down the escalator.

  • Shorten the laces. Remove shoe and dress laces or make sure they are tied in such a way that they are not pinched. Check the shoe laces so that no loose or dangling laces are present.
  • Please note that the escalators have emergency stop buttons. If your child gets stuck, don't hesitate to press this button or ask for help in pressing the button.
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