The first railway line where Made in Turkey

railway transportation in the ottoman empire
railway transportation in the ottoman empire

First Railway Line is Made in Turkey where: railway concept in Turkey is still the envy not see much acceptance in the railways with the Ottoman Sultan Abdulaziz has ordered to be seen abroad in Istanbul in Edirne. The palace employing someone for the construction of the railway objected when the railway passed through Topkapı Palace.

The history of the railway in Anatolia starts on September 23, 1856, when the first railway line, the 130 km İzmir Aydın line, was hit by a British firm's first digging.

Thus, the first railway line in Anatolia, the 130 km line, was completed in the period of Sultan Abdulaziz in 10 with a year-long 1866 study.

In historical order, the railway lines are as follows;

  • 1860 İzmir-Aydın railway line was built by the British.
  • 1865 Izmir-Town railway line was laid.
  • 1869-1877 East railway (Rumeli Line)
  • 1872 Anadolu Bağdat railway was later connected to Mecca.
  • 1892 Mudanya Bursa railway
  • 1899 Horasan Sarıkamış Military train line