The answer to the news on the road of great danger in Abant road

The news on the road of great danger in the way of Abant Road Highways: 'Abant road great danger' we announced the news with the title of Highways 41. The response from the branch office showed how cheap human life is in our country. The answer is 'when the allowance will be made the road' was specified.
9 March 2015 on the migration to Abant on Monday after the news that we carried our headlines with the title ”Great danger on the way to Abant le, the Highways 4. Regional Directorate and 41. A statement from the Branch Chief.
Xanthi of Abant Nature Park road. In our news about the migration on the kilometer ş The road between Abant junction and nature park is the 25. The road migration, which occurred in its kilometer for almost a month, became increasingly dangerous. At the same point, the ditches were already formed and the highways teams had repaired the road. In the last block of concrete blocks placed in support for the bottom of the road. The fact that there is a gap of 25 meters between the sliding part of the road and the stream bed makes it difficult to think optimistically about the consequences of a possible accident. The 50 currently occurring on the surface is transformed into a erosion of about one meter below the centrifugal road. Even with the naked eye the gravity of the migration is in the middle, what the authorities are waiting for the construction of the road is a matter of curiosity.
The heavy tonnage vehicles belonging to the Abant water factory and various poultry farms are also crossing the road with an average speed of 100 per kilometer and on the weekends using three thousand vehicles. It is observed that the road, which is observed to be a little more in every last vehicle, invites the visitors to a possible disaster. Kaydı
After our news, the Highways 41. Headquarter and Highways 4. An explanation came in the Regional Directorate. The statement was expressed as follows;
X 14-50 The 100 + 0-000 + 22 KM of the X (000-2013-XNUMX KM) road of the XNUMX-XNUMX was renewed and was opened at the end of the season at the end of the season.
2013-2014 winter season at the end of the road slope and splits have occurred. In addition, 20 + 500 km of the road movement of the lower slope and the break of the wall together with the left on the road and 1 meters of the left lane 15 meters of the left lane asphalt breaking through the sectional sectional seating has occurred. Urgent traffic routing marking was made in the place where it was taken. Although the seated part was closed with BSK, movement continued over time. The road is already open to traffic as a single lane.
The landslide has been active since 2000. Since 2009 and 2011 were reactivated at the same point between 2013 and XNUMX, the road axis was shifted to the split side and opened to traffic with two lanes. In addition, a retaining wall was made to prevent slippage in the future.
14-50 Bolu distinction The landslide prevention project has been prepared for the landslide formed in the 20 + 500 km of our Abant province road, and it will be intervened in the 2015 year.



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