Tourism Target of the Eastern Black Sea Region to Become a Winter Ski Resort

Eastern Black Sea's Tourism Goal to Become a Winter Ski Resort: Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) Secretary General Çetin Oktay Kalkim stated that the Eastern Black Sea Region has four-season tourism opportunities thanks to its rich natural, cultural and historical touristic resources. He said that investments made for the development of winter tourism are increasing rapidly, so that the Eastern Black Sea Region will become one of the leading ski winter centers of the country.

. Eastern Black Sea Region is rich in tourism types. With the change and diversification of consumer needs and demands in tourism all over the world, nature-based tourism types and activities have gained importance instead of traditional tourism. In this respect, the Eastern Black Sea Region, nature tourism, mountain tourism, mountain tourism, cultural tourism, botanical tourism, winter tourism, hunting tourism, coastal tourism, eco-tourism, rural tourism, history tourism, sports tourism, educational tourism. offers congress tourism, agro-tourism, cave tourism and related activities. In this respect, the Eastern Black Sea region is one of Turkey's richest regions has become a brand in tourism, "he said.


Eden The Eastern Black Sea Region has four seasons tourism opportunities thanks to its rich natural, cultural and historical touristic resources. In addition to alternative tourism opportunities based on nature, it also has traditional sea tourism infrastructure and facilities. In recent years, investments for the development of skiing and winter tourism have been increasing rapidly. Thus, the Eastern Black Sea will be one of the leading ski winter centers in our country. Eastern Black Sea is the richest region in terms of highland tourism which attracted great interest by local and foreign tourists in recent years. The number of highlands is about 950. Of these springs, 70 stands out with its awareness and intensive tourism activities. Declared as tourism centers in Turkey and opened to investment 36 26 plateau of them are in this region. Eastern Black Sea plateaus, which exhibit the most vivid examples of authentic local culture and highland life, are widely preferred by nature sports and eco tourism enthusiasts as well as natural beauties and relaxing atmosphere. Highland tourism, which is rapidly developing in our country and has become an important tourism type, is at the forefront in the development of alternative tourism until 2023 year. Ayder, Uzungol, Kafkasör, Zigana, Kümbet and Çambaşı are the most preferred East Black Sea Plateaus for tourists. It is the most upland area of ​​the country with its preserved natural structure ül.


"Eastern Black Sea highlands An important feature of tourism is delivering the combined concept of a tourist destination is not in any other region in Turkey," said the sidewalk, "especially there in the region, including ecotourism highland tourism, health tourism (spa, thermal, ionic caves and ICMEC shops), ski - winter tourism, coastal-sea tourism, culture and historical tourism, ecotourism and so on. It can be performed in combination with genres and many activities. Thus, an abundant tourism opportunity is offered throughout all four seasons. Trabzon, which is the most important city and center of the region, reflects all the typical features of the region, and is also the center of the tourism movement due to its airline transportation, accommodation facilities, historical and natural touristic assets and resources. The tourism style envisaged for the Eastern Black Sea Region necessitates a tourism opportunity that includes the region centered in Trabzon. Because the tourism movement, which includes the resources of other provinces, prolongs the average stay and increases the satisfaction. In this respect, the analyzes are conducted in Trabzon centered ”he said.


The number of tourists visiting the region increased from 2010 to 2014 by 76.

Tedir As of 2014, it is estimated that 5 is close to million tourists. The number of tourists visiting the province of Trabzon is the highest share in the region with 60. Then comes Rize. The majority of the tourists are domestic tourists and the foreigners constitute the 20 rate. Nearly half of foreign tourists are Arab tourists. When the number of tourists visiting the Eastern Black Sea Region is analyzed, it is seen that 2010 has increased by 2014 by 76. The total number of 135 facilities with tourism investment and operation certificates is available in the Eastern Black Sea Region. The total number of rooms 6 bin 599 is available while the room has 13 bin 206. Trabzon has the largest share in the number of beds and facilities. In general, inadequacy of accommodation in the Eastern Black Sea Region is the most important problem. Certified 13 bin 206 bed capacity is increasing with other accommodation types. The province of Trabzon is the province with the most problem of accommodation. In the season, the facilities work with 100 capacity. Developments in tourism in recent years attracts investors. Intensive initiatives are observed in the region for accommodation investments. Data on incentive certificates for accommodation investment are shown in the table below. In the last 5 year, total 128 incentive certificate has been obtained for the accommodation facility investments in Trabzon province with a total size of 22 million TL. 2 358 544 15 units will be added to the number of beds and investments. Thus, the total bed capacity is expected to exceed XNUMX thousand. Böylece