Discover Thales at 2015 Eurasia Rail Fair

Discover Thales at 2015 Eurasia Rail Fair: Eurasia Rail 2015 Fair is in its fifth year, again nationally and internationally.
give companies the opportunity to show their own railway infrastructure solutions and technologies. Offering a wide range of state-of-the-art solutions, Thales employs highly important IT-based systems for mainline rail and urban transport, including signaling, supervision, communications, security, passenger information and fare collection solutions. Thales welcomes its successes and technological expertise, and its vast experience in the Eurasian continent.

Global signaling standard for main lines - ETCS

The European Train Control System (ETCS) is the central signaling and train control component of the ERTMS European Railway Traffic Management System for mainline networks. Thales is a world leader in mainline signaling with its AlTrac ETCS solution. The ETCS standard is gaining global momentum due to its success in the European continent. Thales' successful presence in Eurasia is exemplified by the use of the ETCS solution, especially on the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line. Created to allow interoperable operations across Europe, ETCS has facilitated the formation of intra-European rail corridors. In particular, Thales has provided and integrated the ETCS solution for 1300% of Spain's high-speed rail network covering 70 km of railways - making it the largest high-speed rail network in Europe.

CBTC - Makes cities run smoother and faster

SelTrac® CBTC, which is used by 30 billion passengers every year with over 60 CTBC projects in more than 3 major cities around the world, is the world's most widely accepted and trusted system. Thales,
In Istanbul Kadıköy-Kartal equipped the metro line with reliable technology. Thales will equip Baku's Purple metro line in Azerbaijan with an integrated solution covering security and communications. In particular, the longest driverless metro network in the world, operating in Dubai, is fully equipped with Thales integrated solutions that include CBTC, inspection, communications, security and fare collection.

An alternative to underground transportation - Trams

While urban centers are growing and developing, people living there also need a transportation system as flexible as their lives. That's why Thales offers effective compromise solutions for Light Rail Transport (LRT) networks in terms of investment capacity, function, pollution reduction and aesthetic design. Thales LRT solutions with the most advanced technology make the best use of daily operations and maintenance activities as well as providing service quality.

Thales guarantees a smooth and safe travel experience. On top of all this, Thales' advanced systems are compatible with all rolling stock suppliers and can interface with all third party systems.



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