Beykoza will arrive in Metro 2020 (Video)

Beykoza Metro will arrive in 2020: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has approved the 3 Storey Metro-Highway Project, some of which will pass under the Bosphorus and pass through Beykoz Küçüksu.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the first time recently announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu '3 Storey Istanbul Metro and Highway Bosphorus Crossing Project 1 / 5000 scale plans to be approved.

The project will be tendered at 2015 in June and 5 will be put into service during the year. The 31 half kilometer of the 16 and half kilometer rail system will be located between Söğütlüçeşme and İncirli, and the 3 half kilometer will be 3 storey and will be built between Gayrettepe and Küçüksu. The 2 floor of the 1 storey tunnel will pass under the Bosphorus and the rail system will pass through the 3 floor. After the project is completed, Beykoz, 3. Following the Bridge, it will also host the XNUMX multi-storey rail and road system, which will be held for the first time in the world.

After the closure of glass and cobbler factories, which have an important place in its history, the people of the district, who have connected their future to tourism, will indeed become the unique pearl of Beykoz as of 2020. Dost Beykoz, both to investigate the issue on behalf of citizens in the district to investigate the subject and the IMM and Beykoz Municipal Assembly members attended the AK Party Muharrem Kaşıtoğlu and CHP Aydın Düzgün asked the project.

Kaşıtoğlu from the AK Party: “Purpose; generalize rail use ”

CHP Aydın Düzgün: lar They are in a hurry, they have not received a report from ITU! ”

Muharrem Kaşıtoğlu, who is also the Deputy Mayor of Beykoz, said, asıl The main aim of the project is to reduce the intensity of the Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge; while increasing the utilization of the rail system. The project will bring great gains to Beykoz.. Aydın Düzgün, CHP Beykoz Group Vice President, explained that he participated in the controversial IMM Assembly meeting and said, AKP These things have always been done by the AKP. This is a very big project, but no report has been received from ITU, which raises Presidents in the country. I think it was a project that was rushed and aimed at deceiving the public before the election ”.

Muharrem Kaşıtoğlu, Deputy Mayor of Beykoz and AK Party Member of the IMM Assembly stated that many districts would be directly affected in the implementation of the project and the city traffic would be greatly relaxed. Responding to the special questions of Dost Beykoz, Kaşıtoğlu pointed out that the negative effects of the silhouette along the Bosphorus line will be eliminated with the project and said:

AK Party's Kaşıtoğlu: “The opposition cannot call the GOOD works of the government GOOD!”

Birlikte With this project, the need for both public and road transport will be met through a single tunnel. Thus, an important contribution will be made on behalf of the whole country, not in Istanbul. As a location, Beykoz is a very difficult place in Istanbul. From time to time I hear from my friends who live outside Beykoz: 'We love and want to come to Beykoz, but we give up the transportation problem thought'. With this tunnel, the transportation problem to Beykoz will be solved to a great extent. The interest of both domestic and foreign tourists to Beykoz will increase exponentially. On the other hand, we regretfully found that the opposition parties in the country cannot say what the ruling parties do 'good'. However, with this project, it will be possible to travel from one end of Istanbul to the other end using only rail systems… ”

CHP member of the IMM Assembly and Beykoz Group Deputy Chairman Aydın Düzgün said that the basis of the discussions on the issue was to bring the job to the end. Responding to the special questions of Dost Beykoz, Aydın Düzgün emphasized that they are not against the project prepared but that they should not be taken without risk from an important institution such as Istanbul Technical University (ITU). Aydın Düzgün stated that the CHP Group expressed the issue of showing the project to İTÜ in the İBB Assembly but the AK Party did not approach it.

Aydın Düzgün: “The issue had to be discussed with the public”

“Such a project should be discussed in public. AKP people have always had the job-bringing it to the end. They make quick decisions. They're a little agitated before the election, and I think they're trying to trick the people like that. This project is a very big project bilimsel The scientific compatibility of the related infrastructure issues should be realized. Presidents of Turkey, we have a school like ITU-taught. A report can be requested here. The issue can be brought to the public and given opportunity to discuss. But no, the AKP wants to do this in a hurry. If there is a problem with this project in the future, I'm telling you now: The responsibility is for AKP people! ”

'Hasdal'dan Ümraniye 14 minutes to go!'

At the end of February, Prime Minister Davutoğlu held a press conference with Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan and IMM President Kadir Topbaş and announced the 'Mega' project for the first time. According to the project, 3 is followed by Marmaray and Eurasia Tunnel in the Bosphorus. a passage that would allow the passage of a Bosphorus. Prime Minister Davutoğlu said that the distance between Hasdal and Ümraniye from Istanbul Congress Center, where he announced the project, would only be covered in 14 minutes. Dost Beykoz, after the project approved by IMM, did research and compiled details on the subject.

'Istanbul actually hosted the 4 Empire…'

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu “3 floors mean 3 Empire… This tunnel, 3 Imperial over Istanbul's 4. The Republic of Turkey will be the largest global state of the state firework "say to the capital Istanbul has actually 4 Empire. From 330 to 395 until the Roman Empire Mil From 395 to 1204 to the Byzantine Empire… From 1204 to 1261 to the Latin Empire… From 1261 to 1453 to the Byzantine Empire hepimiz from year to year 1453 also served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire after 1922 years ... established as the capital of the Republic of Turkey Ankara determine if the intervening years 1923 shaping the country's economy has always come first in the provinces of Istanbul.

The population, which was only 1920 thousand in 700 years, started to push the 1945 million figure as of 1 year, and today 15 has reached to million people and became Mega City. Prime Minister Davutoğlu announced that the 'Mega' project is worthy of this 'Mega' city. According to the project; terrestrial in both vehicles; as well as the ease of pedestrian journey, the mass traffic with the subway will greatly relax and one leg of this important project will stop at Beykoz.

Abubekir Taşyürek: “There will be no expropriation;

While the 1 / 5000 scale plans of the project were approved at the meeting held at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, AK Party Group Vice President Abubekir Taşyürek also made statements on the subject. Stating that the project will not create image and silhouette pollution, it will be an environmentally friendly project, Taşyürek said that it will be integrated with the metro and Marmaray. At this point, a citizen who would come to Küçüksu from any point of Beykoz had the opportunity to travel easily by connecting to rail systems. Underlining that the traffic load of TEM will alleviate to a large extent with this project, AK Party Group Vice President Abubekir Taşyürek emphasized that the expropriation will not be in question and said that the government coffers will not be a single penny for the project to be built according to the 'Build-Operate-Transfer' model.

'Where will the project cover?'

The 3 Storey Subway and Highway Bosphorus Crossing Project, which will be located between Söğütlüçeşme and İncirli, will pass through 13 provinces in total. Beykoz, as well as the Anatolian side of Kadikoy, Uskudar and Umraniye will be connected to the passage, the European Side Besiktas, Sisli, Kagithane, Beyoglu, Eyup, Fatih, Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy and Gungoren can be reached. The tube passage, which will pass under the Bosphorus between Gayrettepe and Küçüksu of the project which is planned to be completed by 2020, will obviously provide great opportunities for Beykoz district; 250 thousand citizens living in the district about traffic and time could save a great deal.

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