3. Izmit signature on the bridge

  1. Izmit signature on the bridge: In the works of 3.köprü in Istanbul, the beams of the bridge will hold the steel of Bafor in Izmit

Bafor Company in Izmit, 3. The Bosphorus Bridge is built for the construction of the rafters tonight at the most empty hours, the 2 strip will be closed, accompanied by escorts will move to Istanbul. Transportation from Izmit to Istanbul The parts to be made in Tuzla region will be shipped in two groups. Shipping will take 2 days for each group.

Beams will be placed in these parts of the 3.

Bafor Construction Owner and Deputy General Manager Civil Engineer Barış Alagöz said, gün The 30 welder 45 assembler worked for every beam that lasted for 20 days of manufacture of beams. The approximate cost is around 2 million TL. In total, 300 tone special alloy steel was used. Manufacture factory 15.000 m2 is located in the open area of ​​10.000 m2 Bafor Construction LTD. ŞTİ realized Ş.


This is the piece that connects the bridge feet and carries the ropes. Each of the upper cross-link beams 46.000 kg

This is the big piece you've seen, the one that connects the bridge feet. Each of the lower cross-link beams is 96.000 kg,



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