3 Underground Tube Tunneling Marmaray and 3.

3 Floor Tube Tunneling Marmaray and 3. Why was the bridge made? Tayfun Kahraman, President of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of City Planners, is an election propaganda addressing the general election by evaluating the Od Great Istanbul Tunnel with the 3 floors açık announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. . We have seen such promises in previous elections. Bu Kahraman stated that the tunnel had questions about whether to create a solution for Istanbul's traffic and added, soru The transportation between the two sides is only the 5 of Istanbul traffic. The rest of the tunnel will not produce a solution to the 95. T


“1 / 100.000 scale should be made in accordance with the Environmental Plan, underlining the projects to be done in Istanbul, proj 3. Many projects, especially the bridge, are not included in this plan. 3. Bridge is being made. Then why is such a project necessary? It is said that this tunnel will also be used by rubber wheeled vehicles, then there is Marmaray, and there is a Eurasia Highway Tube Crossing project. This alternative reason arose after the elimination of a value such as the Historic Peninsula? Bu.


Mücella Yapıcı, the Secretary of the Environmental Impact Assessment Advisory Board of the Chamber of Architects, reminded that Istanbul is the Environmental Plan prepared by the same government. ”He said.

Yapıcı said that the tunnel that will connect the two sides of the Bosphorus will not solve the current traffic problems of Istanbul, ın 2. Bridge, 3.Köprü, Marmaray, Eurasia tunnel ras these were all brought to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul. But each project has created its own plundering areas. Fakat Underlining that the tunnel is a highway gateway, Yap This tunnel is a highway tube tunnel. Metro is for legitimizing this. It is not under the bridge but under the throat. These traffic passes will not only solve the current traffic, but also the axis of the new development points at the point where the tunnel goes to the surface. Istanbul has nothing to do with how to remedy its traffic. İstanbul

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