3. hotel and shopping center on the bridge route is claimed to be made

  1. hotel and shopping center on the bridge in the forest is claimed to be made: the Parliament passed a law passed the law of Istanbul's lungs in the North Forests were allowed to build. Arrangement of the construction of the ongoing 3 bridge to the connection paths of the AVM and hotel facilities such as hotels.
    The third bridge passing through the Istanbul Northern Forests, a road passing through the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with the Torba Law for the construction of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.
    A paragraph was added to Annex 1 of the Forest Law in the Omnibus Law, which was published in the Official Gazette on March 2014, 9. According to this clause, according to today's newspaper Hasan Bozkurt, no fee will be charged for the facilities built with the build-operate-transfer model in the forest areas within the highway border line.
    CHP Bursa deputy İlhan Demiröz, a member of the Parliamentary Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Commission, gave the following information about the regulation in question: düzen With this article, they will lead to give income to the supporter and permanent regions. Forests are destroyed by 3. We will see a lot of structures that bring money such as hotels, gas stations, restaurants in the bridge and gulf crossings. Köprü
    Demiröz stated that the Public Procurement Law was revoked with the amendment on 100 for many institutions in procurement. N With this article, the Gulf, 3. Airport and 3. The facilities to be built on the bridge roads will be given to the people who took the tender. Citizens will enter into these forests by paying money. With the respect of the law, the law leads to the supporters. Hukuk
    President of the Chamber of Forest Engineers Ali Küçükaydın 169. And the laws against the Constitutional Court rulings continue to be destroyed by the laws, he said.
    30 March 2014 Küçükturk said that the law passed through the Parliament in the shadow of local elections and tapes paved the way for rent, without any price, the public institution in the name of the Constitution without permission to rent was emphasized.
    Kucukaydin, "This legislation Istanbul North OR-manları the last xnumx'ünc Bridges, highways and connecting roads, especially route, Turkey's most valuable forest areas through free of charge from the forest area in the last highway routes, the three top hidden form of rent for the sake of - Providing permits to individuals can be given-.
    1 March 2014, published in the Official Gazette dated March 28928, according to the paragraph 6831 9 added to the Annex XNUMX of the forest law, the highways within the borderline in the forest areas Orman State forests, access control roads and transportation facilities in the road transport service facilities maintenance work facilities are allowed on condition that they remain within the highway boundary line. These facilities, which are constructed and operated by state administrations and public institutions and organizations based on operated, operated or build-operate-transfer model, are not subject to any price. Devlet
    On April 5, 2014, the investigation into the deaths of Lütfü Bulut, Yaşar Bulut and Kahraman Baltaoğlu, who died after falling along with the pier while concreting the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge Northern Marmara Highway viaduct construction was completed.
    In the expert report prepared within the scope of the investigation, it was stated that the accident was predictable and preventable and that the accident occurred as a result of negligence, imprudence and inattention.
    In the report, the principal employer project coordinator Mustafa Cılız, sub-employer Namık Kılıç and employees Özgür Vatan, Gülenden Kara and Serdar Urfalılar were found to be flawed, Gizem Karabiber and Ramazan Kurtoğlu subordinate.
    A lawsuit was filed against the defendants, demanding a prison sentence of up to 15 years for 'causing death by negligence'.

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