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  1. Another deck of the bridge came: 3. The first of 57 decks to form the base between the two legs of the bridge came to Istanbul. The deck, which was loaded on the ship named Neta GEMAK from the production center in Yalova Altınova two days ago, reached Istanbul Haydarpaşa Port. The ship, which is only viewed by Yeni Şafak, will take the deck to the construction site of the bridge when the weather conditions are available. The first deck of the 2013rd bridge with a cost of 3 billion dollars, the construction of which started in 3, was installed last December. On the bridge consisting of 59 decks in total, decks between the land and the tower were placed on both sides. The queue came to 57 decks to be hung between the two towers. The pieces of the ship began to come to Istanbul.

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