11 traffic applications that make life easier for those living in Istanbul

11 traffic applications that make life easier for those living in Istanbul: We have brought together 11 applications that will make it easier for you to deal with the traffic trouble in Istanbul.

The chaos of Istanbul, the traffic, constantly changing traffic and road conditions, the status of the bridges and many other factors that can cause problems and cause you to be late.

To save you from the negative effects of these conditions, fobito.com has compiled applications that can help you plan and organize your daily life in Istanbul.

İBB CepTrafik

With this application called Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which is the official application of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, you can keep track of the traffic situation and control the road situation with maps and cameras. This way, you can minimize the time you spend on the road by drawing the most accurate route in your destination.

the yandex.navigasyo

Turkey's constantly working to improve the search engine with the version in Russian and serious investment in the navigation application Yandex and road conditions encountered in this application turns out to be one of the best co-pilot can use in your travels.

This application, which can be indispensable for both inner city and out-of-city journeys with its voice navigation feature and traffic intensity indicator, is one of the important applications in our list.

How can I go

This application, which is prepared for public transport users, shows you what tools you can use, how long your journey will take and alternative routes, and instead of thinking about the road, you only need to print Istanbul.

Metro Istanbul

With this application you can access information about Istanbul Metro, you can find the nearest metro station, you can access the current time and you can also get information about the stations such as parking, WC, disabled access and elevator.

Sabiha Gokcen

With the application you can view the flights of Sabiha Gokcen airport, you can also view the location of the planes on the map.


Again, Mobiett is one of the applications preferred by public transportation users. It is an application that shows you the nearest bus stop, bus schedules and routes.


This application was developed for car owners living in Istanbul. This application aims to provide a solution to the parking lot problem which is one of the biggest problems of the users of their own vehicles in Istanbul. Moreover, you can create filters for the car you are looking for with open, closed or over-the-road filters.


Through the application you can view the airport on time flights at airports throughout Turkey.

Sea bus

This application, which can be used by both public transportation and private vehicle owners, allows you to view the time of sea buses and ferries in Istanbul.


You can also load your HGS balance with this application which will make it easier for private vehicle owners to travel, and you can see how much balance you have left and you can access your past uploads.


Public transport routes, this application outside of Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and provides services for many more cities. All you have to do is tell us where you are trying to go in the city where you are.

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