10 times fine on the way to those who escape from HGS

10 times fines are on the way to those who escape from HGS: The regulation that gives fines 10 times to those who pass the bridges and highways illegally was accepted.
Important articles were accepted in the Omnibus Bill of Law, which was discussed at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly the previous night. Accordingly, the vehicle owners who are found to pass without paying the fee determined for the highways operated by the General Directorate of Highways and the highways where access control is applied, will be given an administrative fine of 10 times the fee for the distance they enter without paying toll.
The law also regulated the Internet. Accordingly, the TIB may decide to remove content or prevent access to the publication on the Internet at the request of the ministries concerned with the protection of the Prime Ministry or public order, prevention of crime or the protection of general health. The confidentiality of electronic communications will be essential. Without the consent of the parties to the communication, the listening, recording and monitoring of the communication shall be prohibited. Transfer of personal data abroad can be done with the consent of the person.

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