Yuva residents have reached their bridges

The inhabitants of Yuva have the bridges: Yuva District, which is located within the borders of Yenimahalle and has the status of a neighborhood while it is a village, continues to flourish with the services of Yenimahalle Municipality. Lastly, the municipality made a bridge to the Yuva Village stream, which divided the neighborhood into two. The bridge, which is located directly opposite the village mosque and which provides easy access to the mosque, has won the appreciation of residents of Yuva District.
10 day
Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yasar, recently the door of the headman of the 54 by hearing the missing of the neighborhood and the citizens' wishes were detected by listening to the relevant units had given instant instructions. During his visit to Yuva Quarter of Yaşar, the bridge that the residents asked for from Yaşar was built in 10 days and mounted on Yuva Village Creek.
Old bridge being dumped
The bridge, which divides the neighborhood into two, and makes it difficult for Yuva residents to reach the biggest mosque of the village, has allowed the residents to reach the mosque in an easy and safe way. The bridges that the citizens have made by their own means and the danger is not used anymore.
The new bridge, which was used extensively during the prayer times, made the residents of Yuva quite satisfied. Citizens, who said that their wishes were fulfilled in a short time, said, iz The creek passes through the middle of our neighborhood and almost divides the Nest. We made a bridge with our own means to connect the two sides of the creek, but this old bridge was now a danger. Now the bridge of Yenimahalle Municipality has provided us great convenience. We would like to express our gratitude to our President, Mr. Fethi Yaşar, who has fulfilled our request urgently. İst
Services in progress
Yenimahalle Municipality, on the other hand, continues to invest in Yuva. The Park Gardens Management teams, which provide a parking lot of 1500 square meters, cleans the burrow cemetery periodically and cleans the weeds and arranges the cemetery environments. Science works by providing a way to facilitate transportation. 2014'de 190 tons of asphalt paving teams in the neighborhood, 2015'de will continue to serve.




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