Asphalt Program Ready for Dolphin

Asphalt Program of Yunusemren Ready: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Yunusemre continued weekly visits to the district. MHP Yunusemre District Organization by the participation of the Pilgrim Ergun President Ergun, citizens with one hand shook, listened to problems. President of the town of Yunusemre will start the asphalt program that will start in the town Ergun, with the opening of the season will be asphalted all the neighborhoods needed.
Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün spent the Friday program in Yunusemre district. Mayor Ergün, who shook hands with the citizens one by one after the Friday prayer in Güzelyurt Mahallesi Şekerci Hüseyin Dede Mosque, made the children happy by distributing pocket money. Vice Secretary General Fuat Uzun, Yılmaz Gençoğlu, MASKİ General Manager Yakup Koç, MHP Yunusemre District Chairman Onur Baylan, head of departments, candidates for MHP Manisa deputy candidates Zeynel Balkız, Hasan Eryılmaz, Metropolitan Municipal Council MHP Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ergün's Friday program Güzgülü and Manisa Metropolitan Belediyespor Club President Cenk Ergün were also accompanied.
All neighborhoods will be paved
Mayor Ergün, who attended the pilaf charity organized by the MHP Yunusemre District Organization after the Friday prayer, wished that the good would be accepted by Allah. Mayor Ergün, who had a tea break with his entourage in 75. Yıl Neighborhood after the pilaf blessing, received information about the problems of the neighborhood from Aziz Çetintaş, the headman of the neighborhood. Stating that the infrastructure and sewerage problem of the neighborhood will be solved through MASKI, Mayor Ergün stated that Yunusemre district is also included in the asphalt program they will initiate throughout the province and heralded that all the neighborhoods in need will be asphalted with the opening of the season.

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