Yolağzı village launches signature campaign against tunnel project

Yolağzı village is launching a petition campaign against the tunnel project: Yolağzı village residents are launching a petition campaign against the project, which is planned to be built in the Gercüş district of Batman.
Yolağzı village residents who opposed the tunnel project planned for the Batman-Mardin highway in Gercüş by the Ministry of Transportation stated that they would launch a petition to cancel the project and expand the existing road. The headman of Yolağzı village Şehmus Kavak claimed that the existing road passes through the village but the planned tunnel project and its villages will be cut off from the world. Şehmus Kavak, the village headman of 3 bin 500, stated that the existing road should be expanded and maintained instead of the tunnel project. Kavak said that the tunnel project is at least 1 kilometers from Yolağzı village, köy We will start a petition campaign for the cancellation of the tunnel project. We will try to deliver these signatures to the Ministry of Transportation via the Gercüş District Governorship. The planned tunnel project will continue to be applied for cancellation due to damaging the economy of Yolağzı village. Plan

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