The First Ski Competition was held at Yıldız Mountain

First Ski Competition Held in Yıldız Mountain Facilities: The first ski races were organized in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center, which was opened by Sivas Governorship this year.

The first ski races were held in Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center, which was opened this year by the Governorship of Sivas. In the competition, which was attended by 120 athletes, medals were awarded by provincial protocol members.

Sivas Governorate organized ski running races and Alpine and Northern Discipline races at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center, which was put into service this year. 28 athletes participated in the competitions held in 120 branches. Sivas Governor Alim Barut and the other provincial protocol members who participated in the races were awarded medals by the quarterly gold. In his speech at the award ceremony, Governor Alim Barut stated that they wanted the Sivas people to take care of these facilities and that they aimed to move Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center to the international platform. After the award ceremony, citizens were offered soup and sausage-bread. At the end of the competitions, the athletes demonstrated the torch.

On the other hand, citizens flocked to the facilities to ski on the weekend. Those who came here from Sivas and neighboring provinces caused intensity in the region. Citizens who floated for hours by renting sleds from the facilities had fun.


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