Has not kept a patch

Life in the patch did not keep the patch: The Mayor of Yaşamkent District, Ayla Özsuer, 3222, which caused the citizens to suffer for a long time due to pits and collapses. Street, a month ago after the asphalt work again reacted to deterioration.
One of the most popular districts of the capital, Yaşamkent, the road and traffic problem does not end. 3222 Ankara Hurriyet has brought to the agenda many times before. Street pits and collapses, a month ago after the renovation again appeared. Reacting to the recurrence of the problem Ayla Özsuer, the head of the neighborhood, asphalt patches fragmented during the 10 day and the road has become worse than before, arguing:
Ca For years, we were screaming badly because our roads were bad. We wrote a petition everywhere. Finally, our voice was heard and the Metropolitan Municipality teams poured our asphalt. But even before 10 days passed, the road became worse than before. The old pits deepened and new pits formed. Citizens, cars with sudden braking to avoid entering the pits and traffic safety is compromised. We want our old pits back.
Yaşamkent is one of the biggest districts of Ankara in terms of human density, but it seems as if the area was punished. Road, transportation, pavement and infrastructure, such as a lot of new problems are being solved. We don't understand the quality of asphalt, but the spills are like crumbs. As the car passes over the patches, it crumbles like dirt. We've forwarded the situation to the relevant units, hopefully it will be interested. It is a pity that citizens cannot get the taxes they pay. ”
3222 returning to the mole's nest. Street 'crocodile ridge crack' known as and if the work is not done, causing extensive deterioration of the body of the capillary cracks are waiting for patch work.
Muhtar Özsuer, who suffered from the density of stray dogs in the neighborhood, said, “The number of stray dogs in Yaşamkent has increased tremendously in the last year. Animal lovers feed them at certain points, but animals attack because they are afraid of cars passing by, people passing by. There are earrings indicating that they are grafted in their ears, but this is not enough to protect the citizen. When it gets dark, people can't even get bread from their homes..



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