Yakutiyeli kids skiing evaluated by doing

📩 24/11/2018 14:10

Children from Yakutia evaluated the holiday by skiing: Certificates were given to the students who spent the semester vacation in the city by learning skiing.

In the ski course organized by the Yakutiye Municipality, the 7 children were selected from the primary schools of the national education directorate. The students who completed their education accompanied by their tutorials were entitled to receive certificates.

Yakutiye Mayor Ali Korkut, in his speech at the ceremony held at Yakutiye Ski Club located on Palandöken Mountain, stated that they attach importance to skiing as a municipality.

One of Erzurum in Turkey's major ski resorts Korkut stated that, "if our young people skiing in the ski resort of our children we need to learn in the best way. Skiing is an expensive sport in economic terms, but it is also an enjoyable sport. "We have undertaken this work in terms of social municipalism in order not to burden too much financial burden on families."

Korkut, the municipality as a year every year 300-400 students said that they teach skiing during the semester break, students were taken from home services, lunches were also met by the municipality said.

Emphasizing that they will continue to provide ski training to students during the semester break, Korkut said, “We hope that there will be champions among them. We, the successful ones, as Yakutiye Municipality Sports Club, will continue to support these young people who are the guarantee of our future. We will continue to train our talented young people on weekends until the end of the ski season. "We are working to prevent anyone who does not know skiing in Erzurum," he said.

Korkut, Family Directorate of Family and Social Policies with the work they do in the houses of love staying with 42 children were given ski training, he added.

The certificates were then distributed to the students.