55 Thousand Ton Asphalt Spilled In Yildirim

55 Thousand Ton Asphalt Poured in Yildirim: Yildirim Municipality carried out a total of 55 thousand tons of asphalting in order to achieve the goal of 'accessibility' in the district.
Yıldırım Municipality, which leads the works to make the ideal city Yeni Yıldırım more accessible, continues the road construction and repair activities in the neighborhoods. Mayor Ismail Hakki Edebali, who stated that they are approaching the target of the city which can be reached, N 30, which we have been taking office since March, has made 27 tone coating asphalt in our 41 neighborhood. In our 103 neighborhood, 36 bin 12 ton patch asphalt work was completed and 900 tone robot patch work was completed in 28 neighborhood. In addition, our teams, with the 1892 thousand 20 square meters of concrete paving stone slab cladding, 645 thousand 13 has laid a concrete border area. New Yildirim, the roads in need of repair by renewing the citizens of our county within the scope of transportation problems are aimed to solve the problem, '' he said.
. Our asphalt production facility also contributes to the budget of our municipality,. Said Edebali, announcing the production of 54 thousand 700 tons in the asphalt production facility at Yıldırım Municipality. In line with the demands of our people, the asphalt needs of the districts and streets of our district are met with the 3 team. Halk
. Our efforts to move our district to a more modern point are being continued rapidly. Lightning due to the rapidly growing population of the city to be a more livable district Lightning will continue to renewal activities in many areas. Our aim is to prevent our citizens living in our district from having problems in transportation. Ama



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