Work started on Üzülmez New Ring Road

Work started on the Üzülmez New Ring Road: Hüseyin Üzülmez, AK Party Deputy of Konya, held an informative meeting about the investments made in the city. Üzülmez stated that the 22-kilometer section of the New Ring Road has been tendered and works have started.
Sadulmez, Suleyman Shah Mausoleum and gratitude for the soldiers killed in the operation organized for the Respect Police Station, the operation is congratulated Mehmetçını.
Reminding that they are entering a new election process, Üzülmüz said, "The June 7 elections will result in the absolute victory of the AK Party, new records will be achieved especially in Konya.
Speaking about the applications made for the Ak Party from Konya, Hüseyin Üzülmüz made an application in our "Konyam" with a total of 43 people, 163 women and 206 men, saying "I have it on the way to serve the public." We have 27 disabled siblings among the candidate candidate applications, ”he said.
Reminding that the length of the divided road on Konya-linked roads reached 941 kilometers, Üzülmez said, "2016 kilometers of the 122-kilometer-long ring road, which is planned to be completed in 22, has been tendered and works have started.



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