Enjoy the barbecue and skiing every weekend at Hakkaride

Every weekend in Hakkari, barbecues and skiing enjoyment: In Hakkari, citizens spend their weekends at the Merga Butan Plateau ski resort with an altitude of 2 bin 700. Schools are also seen as a holiday resort to the ski resort some people burned around the barbecue burned halay pulled Kurdish songs.

12 thousand kilometers away from Hakkari 2 thousand 700 altitude Merga Butan Plateau ski training center, except for students flocked by the excessive number of individuals chirping. Some people try to learn to ski from volunteer ski instructors, and sometimes young people do snowboarding.


In the area where the snow thickness reaches 2 meters, sometimes people gather around the barbecue they have burned and sometimes have fun while shooting halay with music. Providing voluntary training at the ski center, Hakkari University Physical Education Department lecturer Emin Yildirim, Hakkari, this facility should be introduced, he added. Lightning, said:

'There are a lot of deficiencies here. First, the option should be runway and social facilities. Because at weekends, 4 is close to a thousand people coming here to ski. In addition, we can not bring users here because of the lack of accommodation facility. Here closes late as the ski season opens early. And there's no security. Anyone can come and ski with the comfort of heart. '

The Hakkari province of Turkey Ski Federation Representative Turgut fattening, 200 students said they ski school within a bill, he said showed huge effort to train national athletes.