Tilting Crane Canceled Bursaray (Video)

The overthrown crane has canceled Bursaray flights: 1 has lost his life and 1 has been seriously injured as a result of the overthrow of the crane in the new stadium of Bursaspor in the new stadium under heavy construction. There were trains and traffic disruptions due to the accident.

Severe lodos in the Marmara Region has a negative impact on life. Due to the lodos reaching 100 per hour in Bursa, the crane for roof installation at the Crocodile Arena Stadium was overthrown at the 06.00 ranks on the Bursaray line and on the Izmir-Ankara highway. 16 T 5541 taxi taxi driver Fatih D. (28) was injured due to the overthrown crane on the commercial taxi, but it was learned that the injured passenger Kübra A. was in danger of being saved. 4 hours of traffic that caused the closure of the fire crews were mobilized to remove the toppled crane. Parts of the overturned crane were cut by oxygen supply, and TIR and cranes were transported to the area.

A portion of the overthrown crane fell into the Bursaray metro line and damaged the electricity wires. Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management (BURULAŞ) teams, continues to work for the restart of metro flights.



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