Governor Uniformly met with foreign tourism

Governor Düzgün met with foreign tourists: Kayseri Governor Orhan Düzgün met with tour operators, tourism journalists and travel journal writers invited from the USA, Germany, Slovenia and Greece in order to promote the tourism values ​​of the city and the Cappadocia region.

According to the written statement made by the Governorship, a new one was added to the work carried out by the Governorship of Kayseri in order to increase the cooperation of Kayseri and Nevşehir within the borders of Cappadocia and attract tourists to the region with the slogan of "Cultural Skiing".

Governor Düzgün, who believes that one of the most effective ways to announce the advantages of the region in the field of tourism to all over the world is that it will be realized more effectively through tour operators, tourism journalists and travel journal writers. met with journalists and travel journal writers.

Düzgün, who met with his foreign guests at a hotel in the city, stated that Kayseri has many places to see and evaluate in the field of tourism, but it is possible for the guest delegation to visit the limited places within 3 days.

Düzgün, who pointed out that the combination of Cappadocia and Erciyes is trying to be introduced especially with their studies, said:

"Turkey, a significant share of the world tourism market began to take in the last year. It has made serious strides in the tourism sector, especially in the last 15 years. As of the end of 2014, approximately 40 million tourists have visited our country and we have become the sixth country in the world that accepts the most tourists. As people go to distant lands, they want to see several places at the same time. With this in mind, we would like to present Erciyes and Cappadocia, ski tourism and cultural tourism together to those who will come to our region from home and abroad. ”

Smooth, like from different cultural activities of different age groups able to attract attention, "To tell you for Turkey, especially the older groups are more cultural tourism, their children also prefer areas such as ski tourism. Therefore, it is extremely important to combine cultural tourism and ski tourism to ensure that families have a holiday together. In tourism, it is very important to answer the question of "why to choose" when marketing a region or a country. "

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, managing director of the tour company Stefanos Hajimanolis, 4 said that the tourists from different countries and journalists were very impressed by the program and they observed that Erciyes was transformed into a perfect ski resort.

Hajimanolis stated that he is the managing director of a major tour company and he has connected the destinations in many regions of the world and he plans to add Kayseri, Erciyes and Kapadokya to these destinations.

Olga, who joined the İnfo tour program from Greece and was also a member of the Greek Ski Federation Board of Directors, described Erciyes as an a ski resort with a lot of potential İn.

On the other hand, Governor Orhan Düzgün accepted the interview requests of foreign televisions that came within the scope of the “info tour” and gave information about the tourism values ​​of Kayseri, especially Erciyes, and the association of Cappadocia.