UNESCO is now more understanding

UNESCO is more understanding: Hakan Kıran, the architect of the Golden Horn Metro Bridge, who has created a debate, said that a new era has been entered into with UNESCO and said, pr UNESCO is looking at new buildings more comprehensively. UN

Halic Metro Bridge opened in February, 15 opened a year ago. The bridge had been the subject of serious objections and controversies since the date of the 2005 project. UNESCO Turkey at the regular meeting in 2009, date arrangements will be made on the peninsula, especially Haliç Metro region is not made necessary revisions relating Bridge; 'Endangered World Heritage' has warned that received the list of municipal plans was forced to revise. However, the construction of the bridge on UNESCO's re-warning was stopped between 2010-2011. In the 2012 and 2013 reports on the UNESCO historical peninsula, the concerns that the bridge would have a negative impact on the historical peninsula were emphasized. The 2014 report was never mentioned. The historic peninsula will be on the agenda again at a meeting of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee in Bonn, Germany in June this year. One of the most curious questions in this context is how UNESCO will take on the Golden Horn Metro Bridge.

'We no longer want to live in the museum city'

During the visit of the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, to Istanbul in early last month, the üs Haliç Metro Bridge Project Ir was revised with the warnings of the UNESCO to prevent the impact of the historical peninsula. The administration is open to dialogue in remarks that relations with UNESCO are improving. Hakan Kıran, the architect of the bridge, stated that the relations with UNESCO were sitting in a much more scientific framework in the new period and said: arı Now the system is working. Bridge discussions were also references to contemporary buildings in other cities. Dresden, London St. Petersburg and Bordeaux are having the same debate as us. 'No longer want to live in the museum city' understanding emerged. This view has been activated through the bridge discussions we have. UNESCO has begun to see new structures more comprehensively. UN


Kıran, who said that UNESCO's objections were not related to the design of the bridge, continued as follows: My design was approved by the Protection Board at 1985. Then the objections began to come. The main problem was not the architecture of the bridge, but the fulfillment of the obligations of the agreement we signed with UNESCO. The bridge was supposed to be examined and they were right to be mad. Finally, the construction was stopped for a year. We completed the construction of an independent delegation established by UNESCO. Thus, the work of UNESCO consultants has ended. Böylece


But will the improvement of relations with UNESCO change people's perception of the bridge? Cek One-way informed people may have the opportunity to look at it again, son he replied. Ilı Then they will see a structure that represents the 21 century. Understanding the bridge may take time. The sense of protectionism is changing. Paris, for example, is one of the most developed cities. When the Louvre Museum's famous pyramid was built in time, protests were held. Now they don't want to share their pyramids with anyone. These processes are happening everywhere. Bu

Why did he raise controversy?

The bridge project was approved by the Protection Board at the July 2005. However, experts opposed the design of the bridge because the towers of the bridge overshadowed the Süleymaniye Mosque and disrupted the silhouette of the historical peninsula. In March 2012, the Istanbul SOS Initiative sent the petitions to the Municipality and the Presidency, signed by the 4 thousand people, including Orhan Pamuk, Cemal Kafadar, Ara Güler and Serra Yılmaz.

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