Dense fog and lodos ropeway flights in Uludag

In Uludağ, there were intense fog and lodos ropeway flights. Despite the intense fog, some skiers did not leave the tracks empty.

Due to dense fog and cable car transport southwest wind in Uludag Turkey's major ski resorts could be made after Sarıalan region. In the area of ​​Sarıalan, holidaymakers, who went down from the cable car, continued with a minibus to the hotels area. Snow, type and fog with lodosun also effective in Uludag, the viewing distance has fallen to 30 meters. Some skiers did not leave the runways empty regardless of the fog and lodosa.

According to meteorology, the fog is expected to be removed in the evening. It was learned that the temperature of the air in the Uludağ, where the air temperature decreased to -2, was 250 centimeters.