the most beautiful and the most problematic of Uludag, Turkey's largest

The country's longest established and most popular ski resort, Uludağ, is especially full on weekends. He's going over his capacity. On a lonely weekend, the 1.500 small car, 150 also went to the big bus Uludag. The biggest ropeway in the world is now carrying 15 thousand passengers between Bursa and Uludağ. Think about the clues that have occurred.

I can't do it every year before I visit Uludag. I've done snowboarding, and it's a lot of snow between me and the pine trees. For those who love the board, these two are a beauty. When you go to the peak of the mountain, the peak of XIUMX exceeding one thousand meters, you will find yourself on top of the clouds. If the weather is open, Uludağ will stand in front of you with all its beauty. If you catch a moment like this, don't start to skate immediately.
In the second region, the 'mine' is not crushed on the track, and the 'snow' in a lot of snow gives the feeling of going to the sea. As you go down through the pine trees in the first zone, you better understand why Uludağ is declared a national park.


Daily skipass price 70 TL. The price of five days is 230 TL.

I could never go to Uludag last year. Businesses were scarcely able to open even the season from snow scarcity. Day tours, reservations canceled. Fortunately, the operators of Uludağ laughed early this year. With the cold coming from the west, the snow thickness in Uludağ approached three meters before the new year. With the influence of the semester, the mountain is now full. However, it is not something that the ski lovers want. There are too many people on the tracks, while the lifts have very long queues.


The first accommodation facility in Uludag was established in 1933. The first skiing was here. People recognized skiing in this white paradise and loved it. In the following years the hotels flourished in an unplanned manner. There were many public accommodation facilities. New investments can no longer be made in the 'national park' mountain. The question of how the irregular structuring of the mountain so far has been corrected is a big question.
Some public accommodation facilities were destroyed. But this is not enough. Each hotel has its own mechanical facility, as many tickets have been cut for many years. Currently there are more than one mechanical plant on the same runway. This means a narrowing of the ski area. Due to unplanned construction, the hotel is located in Uludağ. The biggest problem of the mountain is the lack of a large car park. In Uludag, which is declared a national park in 1961, it is necessary to deal with heavy bureaucratic processes even for a new construction.

Uludağ needs to be managed from a single hand, just like in Erciyes. There is a plan for this, but it is not yet operational. Uludağ is very popular due to its ease of transportation from Istanbul and Ankara. 36 is located in the city center of Bursa. On the mountain there is 22 mechanical plant. In this sense, Turkey's largest. Excessive demand for Uludağ is returning to a great extent especially at weekends. A few weeks ago, the time to go to the mountains was three hours due to falling snow, overturned trees, heavy vehicle traffic.


According to the information provided by the President of the Association of South Marmara Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (GÜMTOB), Haluk Beceren, 1500 small vehicles and 150 large buses entered Uludağ in one day. In other words, with a rough calculation, 7 thousand people… The bed capacity of the hotels is 6 thousand. Mechanical facilities can carry 15 thousand people per hour. This year, the cable car line, which used to reach Sarıalan, was extended. It is possible to reach the runway area from Bursa in 22 minutes by cable car. The cable car with the title of the longest in the world with its 9 km line can carry 15 thousand people per hour. This transportation convenience to Uludağ brings with it intensity. A solution for Beceren on this issue is as follows: “A tour to Uludağ is organized by buses even from neighborhoods. These have nothing to do with skiing. People come to see the mountain. A quota should be placed on daily tours. There must be limitation… ”


There are 21 hotels in Uludag. The public accommodation facility is almost gone. In the past few years most have been destroyed. Total 22 mechanical plant. Uludag has a common skipass application. It is possible to get to the tracks with a ticket. However, the caravanserai and the printer were not included in this common practice.
Dr. Sabancı University professor in winter tourism. Osman Cenk Demiroğlu says that there is a communication gap in Uludağ. Explaining that there is a hard competition about winter tourism, Demiroğlu said, anlat Artificial snow was first tested in Uludağ. However, it is not currently in use.

The system was installed in 2002. Unable to run. Palandöken, Erciyes and Kartalkaya have artificial fumigation. Uludağ, as Erciyes, must pass to the common management system. As the flights increase, the lower the prices, the more serious rivals are formed. Even Bulgaria is now a rival to Uludağ. Bulgaristan


There was an unfortunate accident in Uludağ this year. Sign In Girl child with mother sliding with sled rolled into the creek. The child died. Demiroğlu states that if there is a joint management of the mountain, there will be no such accidents, and when there is a destination management, security and other problems will be solved.

Turkey and Snowborder Ski Teachers Association President John Masters also, it takes money at the entrance of the national park, but it was commiserating take adequate measures.
Especially during the period of the festivals and holidays 15 due to the compression of families due to the families of Uludag said that fled abroad instead. Master of voluntary rescue and safety of ski teachers, indicating that the Master, the cause of the car accident was connected to the ill-gotten.

Russian tourists came to Uludağ in the past years. However, the Russians were replaced by Arabs because of the devaluation in the country. Despite everything, Uludag is in great demand due to its proximity to the big cities around it. firstborn on the ski Turkey can not renew itself because of bureaucratic obstacles. It is necessary to start a joint management as soon as possible on the mountain and a planned structuring…


Winterfest's last leg, which became a classic in Uludağ, began yesterday. 12 Today, Serdar Ortaç, tomorrow Gülşen, Wednesday and Ozan Doğulu will take the stage in the events that will continue until February ( Also in the scope of Whitefest, Karinna Event Hall, today bunch of akalin, tomorrow, Fatih Ürek, Wednesday, Ayse Hatun Önal will meet his fans.


As of February 7, the thickness of snow in Uludağ was 155 centimeters. Today, the air temperature will be the highest - 5, the lowest - 8 degrees. In addition, it is expected to rain with snow today and snowfall tomorrow.