Uludag Cable Car Hanged Again

Uludag Cable Car Hanged Again: Uludag Teleferik Still Fail: Winter tourism, one of the favorite centers of the new cable car running to Uludag today, the 2 hours had to wait for the holidaymakers had to break. Those who wanted to go to Uludag recorded the moments they were hanging in the air.

This winter season and the 9,5 km long length of the world's longest cable car on the cable with the longest system today again gave a breakdown. Those wishing to reach the peak at noon 22 arrived at the Hotel Zone in 2,5 hours instead of minutes.

A passenger who was stranded in the cable car first at Kadıyayla station, the system moved and hanged in the air again after moving the 400 meter. He recorded the moments of the camera and said, “The ropeway failure began to be very frustrating. The weather is nice, lodos do not wind. We don't know how long we'il wait. Our job is hard. Once a failure twice a week, our work is an axiion. Haf

The passenger reported that the ropeway was reported to reach Uludağ at the 22 minute, and said, N The mechanical breakdown will take hours again. It can't be solved. Measures should be taken to resolve this, Bun he said.

Failure of the weekend holidaymakers in the busy time of the week, but also in a quiet hour to prevent any health problems also prevented.